Raising Teenagers: It Doesn’t Seem Like My Teen Likes Me – But I’m Grateful That He Loves Me by Laurie Balles Simpson

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2 years ago

Raising Teenagers: It Doesn’t Seem Like My Teen Likes Me – But I’m Grateful That He Loves Me

He's 15. He's struggling with finding his place. He's growing into a man. He wants to find his voice but doesn't know where to start. He wants me around but not really to talk. When I speak at times I can see he wants to roll his eyes or he takes a deep breath like he just wants to scream.

I remain present. I listen when he wants to talk. I make dinners he knows I know are his favorite. I pop my head in the door and ask questions. I sit on the bed and don't say a word, just being there in the same place with him. I say goodnight, I love you and sing annoying songs in the morning to wake him up. He grumbles.

And then the night comes when he sits down on the couch next to me and leans in and lets me scratch his head till he falls asleep.

He's 15.

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Donna John
Boy, can I related to this one, Laurie ! Been there, done that. But it's still hard. Loved reading this. Welcome to the tribe!!
Laurie Balles Simpson
Thank you Donna! I am so happy to be a part of this community.
Brenda Zook
Spot on Laurie! All moms feel this way about atleast one of their children. Thank you for being brave to share. I look forward to future articles. In peace, BZ
Ann Marie Patitucci
Laurie: This brought tears to my eyes! Thanks for sharing it with us. I can relate and my oldest is only 11 (on Thursday)! Welcome to the tribe!
Laurie Balles Simpson
Thanks Ann Marie. The struggle is real for sure but my most favorite adventure!
Laurie Balles Simpson
Thanks Boo! I know you get it!
Roxanne Howard
I have been there. Your presence is most important during this awkward time in their lives. 💋
Laurie Balles Simpson
That's what my gut tells me too! Thanks Roxanne. Love to you
Patricia Schappert
This is great Laurie. You are a good momma and the very best kind of role model. Love at it's purest. Thank you!
Laurie Balles Simpson
Grateful to be raised among amazing role models. Thank YOU!
Rhonda Walts
I can definitely relate.... I have a long way to go, mine is 12..... today was a really good day though !! I had to go to urgent care and he sat with me and even touched me in front of people !!! lol
Christine Jones
Laurie I'm right there with you! My 15 year old does the same. I think it's so important that they just know we're always there for them when they do want to sit next to us on the couch.
Laurie Balles Simpson
It's such a confusing time as a parent. I can't even imagine how confusing it is for them! Thanks for the support Christine!
Ann Marie Patitucci
I just love this thread. Sounds like we're all in it together, mamas! Thanks, Laurie !
Elisa Schmitz
This literally brought tears to my eyes. With my youngest being 18 and preparing to leave the nest in the fall, I try to savor every moment (even the tough ones). Thank you for putting into words what so many of us are feeling, Laurie . And welcome to our #30Seconds tribe! So excited to read more from you! xoxo
Pam McCormick
Wow... I can relate at so many levels. My boys are 17 and 13, so I've been there... I also know its starting all over with my son who just turned 13, but I'm ready! Thank you for sharing your words, Laurie!
❤️KJ❤️RN❤️ Blunt
Omgosh, mine is 25 & he goes to his dad for everything until it's serious, THEN, he wants me!
I'm like shut out until then, it's a yes, & NO.
It's disheartening! 😑 UGH 😢
Dr. Christina Hibbert
Beautifully said! As a mom of 5 teenagers currently, I can definitely relate! They do love us, even when they're rolling their eyes. :)
Katie Sloan
I think about this often when I am with my 7 year old son. I want to firmly implant my love and establish our bond now so we can naviaged the teen years.
Erin Musto
<3 I love this. Mine are younger, but I know that time will come
AJ Rogers
I SO needed this today and mine is only 12, but I am starting to see some of these traits and reminding myself to just breathe.
Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
Beautiful! I have 21 year old twin boys. We all go through this, but the tender sweet times still comes even at 21. Now my boys are old enough to understand why we Parented them and they appreciate it! Thanks for sharing this!
Debra Ferrie
My 3rd is 15 now...this is NOT easy. I live for those moments we connect and I will never stop trying to be close and let them know I love them, despite them not liking me many days.

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