Unlucky in Love? Holding on to the Hope of Finding Love After Divorce by Jessica Lawrence

Unlucky in Love? Holding on to the Hope of Finding Love After Divorce

Am I unlucky in love? Perhaps.

I find myself falling, deeply, for people who I can't have. It is truly heartbreaking to know that there is a spark – chemistry, if you will – and yet it isn't attainable. Timing is a factor, other people are a factor, even distance can be a factor.

I question often, "Why?" Why does this happen to me? What have I done to deserve this? Will I ever get the happy ending I so desperately crave? Do I even have faith that it will happen to me in the end?

I tend to think that there is a plan for everyone, and everything happens for a reason. Sometimes I'm not so sure. Maybe I've watched too much “Sex and the City.” Maybe in my ripe age of 35, I'm becoming cynical. I find myself now questioning more than I ever have before.

My ex-husband recently proposed to his girlfriend. He didn't tell me, but I found out anyway. I know, people will say my time will come. Maybe I'm impatient. Or maybe I'm just tired of falling for the wrong people.

The only thing I can hold on to is hope.

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Donna John
I was divorced over 8 years before I found love again. Did I date? Of course, but I focused on me, my kids and my job - and sprinkled in some date nights here and there. I did have times when I thought I had to find someone, and it became my focus. I was comfortable with my life the way it was and not looking for love when I met my now husband. We've been married for four years. I love that line in one of my favorite movies, "Under the Tuscan Sun," about when you stop looking for ladybugs, you close your eyes and are covered in them. So true. Thanks for sharing your story. Love reading your posts, Jessica Lawrence .
Elisa Schmitz
I have been there, too, Jessica Lawrence . Like Donna John , I dated a bit after my divorce, but my main focus was on my kids. I feel blessed to have been given a second chance at love with my husband, Dieter Schmitz . I know it will happen for you, too. Thank you for all you share with us. You are a great mom and love will find you.
Ann Marie Patitucci
I am holding on to hope for you too, Jessica Lawrence . Hopefully one day soon you'll be covered in lady bugs. :)

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