Back to Basics With a Bullet Journal: How to Create Order & Practice Mindfulness With Pen & Paper by Jen Imbaro

3 years ago

Back to Basics With a Bullet Journal: How to Create Order & Practice Mindfulness With Pen & Paper

These days, technology is everywhere. There’s an app for that and a digital assistant to call for anything else. Technology makes life easier, yes? But sometimes this digital life makes my head spin, leaving me feeling overwhelmed.

Last spring, I went back to basics and began a bullet journal – a simple notebook and pen used to create your own calendar/journal/to-do list/sketchbook, etc. It’s whatever you need it to be because it’s blank. You create sections that suit your life without being tied to a mass-produced system which can leave you feeling inadequate when sections are left blank. Calendar and daily to-do list, fitness and diet tracker (or not), and notes about an upcoming party – it’s all in one place.

The simple action of picking up a pen means you need to put down your device! Most people don’t need excuses to grab their phone. Once in hand, it’s all too easy to see what’s trending or discounted. The next thing you know, it’s an hour later, and you’ve forgotten what you were up to before you had to track that glass of water.

Putting thoughts on paper with intention slows your mind down, and physically crossing off your list brings a sense of accomplishment to your day!

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Elisa Schmitz
You said it, Jen Imbaro . There’s just something about real pen and paper that works. I remember things better and have improved clarity. Thanks for sharing this! 👍
Ann Marie Patitucci
I love this, Jen Imbaro! I have an old school planner for work and love old school journaling, too. There really is something about putting pen to paper. Thanks for this, and for teaching me the term "bullet journal." :)
Donna John
I'm thinking about starting a journal. Such strange times we're in, and documenting them and your feelings couldn't hurt anything. Thanks, Jen Imbaro !

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