The Best Mom Blogs & Vlogs: How to Start One of Your Own or Enjoy These Popular Musings by Jessica Acree

The Best Mom Blogs & Vlogs: How to Start One of Your Own or Enjoy These Popular Musings

Before you even think about stocking up on scrapbook paper for that baby book you'll never get to, why not commit to documenting your own journey into motherhood? You could journal or even start your own mommy blog. It could be public or private, and is easily mastered with user-friendly, web-based options like WordpressWix or Weebly. No experience required! Another option is to share your posts on 30Seconds!

You don't have to be perfect, you just have to be you. Imagine being able to share your musings with your child someday, from the mundane to the milestones and everything in between. They'll love hearing about your worries, dreams, challenges and silly memories of early parenthood, because boy, oh boy, is it ever a wild ride. Am I right!?

If online sharing or writing isn't your thing, try subscribing to some popular mommy blogs. They're honest, funny, informative and, above all else, they remind you that you're not alone, no matter what you're going through! Here are some ideas:

Give video bloggers (vloggers) a try, too. These three promise real talk and big fun:

Search out bloggers in your own area through the incredible City Moms Blog Network. They're constantly adding new cities and new contributors to bring you fresh, hyper-local content focused on positive support, honest topics and community.

Bottom line? It takes a village, so take advantage of those who are willing to open up about it. You'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll probably learn a thing or two!

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What a fun post, Jessica Acree ! Motherhood is definitely a wonderful time to start chronicling your journey and see where the writing takes you!
Jessica Acree
The experience fuels endless content!! :) There's nothing like it <3 xoxo
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