Pregnant at 40? Sometimes It's Best to Keep Your Opinions to Yourself (What Do You Think?) by Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP

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5 years ago

Pregnant at 40? Sometimes It's Best to Keep Your Opinions to Yourself (What Do You Think?)

I was pregnant at 40! It was a surprise and a shock. We had 6-year-old twins and had agreed that we were done. The boys filled up our lives with joy and kept us both very busy.

When I found out I was pregnant – I can’t lie – I was actually excited. Deep down I wanted another child. On the other hand, I felt a little embarrassed. After all, I was 40! The thrill of being pregnant again had turned into something I became ashamed of.

My age was never a major factor to my doctor. She told me that I was healthy enough for the pregnancy. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had her own ideas and I had a miscarriage in my 12th week. I was devastated and thought that my opportunity to have another baby was over, but we decided to try again.

My doctor scheduled tests and when they were completed, a young nurse called me with the results. My levels were slightly atypical. Instead of being supportive or referring me to my doctor with questions, she decided that she would share her personal opinion that I was too old to have a baby. I will never forget how humiliated I was. She was so insensitive to my feelings and thought she had the right to share her opinion.

Have you had a similar experience? What do you think?

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OMG no way. So sorry.
Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
Thanks it was a long time ago, but it still hurts at times. I make a conscious effort to make sure I keep my "pregnancy" opinions to myself. I prefer to give positive feedback to women. Pregnancy is stressful enough without outside influences.
Elisa Schmitz
I didn't know this happened, I'm so sorry, my friend. You are so strong. And you're right - people need to keep their comments to themselves, geez. So callous. Hugs, Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP !

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