Pregnancy To-Do List: 8 Things First-Time Moms-to-Be Need to Do in Their First Trimester by Donna John

Pregnancy To-Do List: 8 Things First-Time Moms-to-Be Need to Do in Their First Trimester

Between looking for an OB-GYN, scheduling appointments, peeing on sticks and dealing with the first symptoms of pregnancy, you can overlook some things in the first trimester. Here's a random list of stuff to do in the first trimester that first-time moms might not have thought of  some big, some small! 

  • Decide When to Announce Your Pregnancy: Sit down and discuss with your partner when you will share the news. Many wait until the first trimester has passed, but some yell it to the world as soon as the test says “positive.” Whatever you decide, be on the same page so you‘re not getting a phone call from you mom congratulating you while you’re painting that fun T-shirt that says, “Grandma on Board” to surprise her with.
  • Put a Nightlight in Your Bathroom: Yep, simple, but oh so necessary for all those potty trips in the middle of the night. You’ll let that nightlight guide you on those nighttime bathroom voyages like a moth to a street light.
  • Plan a Babymoon: Celebrate your pregnancy – and the last trip as just the two of you – by taking a babymoon. The second trimester is usually when you feel the best, so sit down and start planning that special trip in your first trimester. Hawaii? New York? Italy? The fanciest hotel in your hometown? Whatever works!
  • Set a Baby Budget: After the babymoon talk, discuss how much you’d like to spend on baby and pregnancy items. The joy and excitement of a first pregnancy can make some want to spend, spend, spend. Setting a budget will help keep your finances in line – and don’t forget you’ll get stuff at your baby shower!
  • Build Your Tribe: First-time moms – all moms! – need a support system. Friends, family, co-workers, organizations are all options for building your circle of support. Online communities like the 30Seconds tribe offer encouragement, friendship and help create bonds that will last throughout your pregnancy and into motherhood.
  • Start a Pregnancy Journal: You’ve probably heard of “pregnancy fog,” but just wait until you’re a mom – you won’t be able to remember anything! Brain overload. Capture your pregnancy in words and images by starting a journal as soon as you know you're pregnant. Snap a photo of that flat belly and then write how you feel, deepest thoughts, hopes, dreams … whatever. One day you’ll be glad you can relive this magical experience.
  • Stock Up on Coconut Oil: Your skin is going to stretch. S-t-r-e-t-c-h. You know that. Start hydrating your skin with coconut oil before that baby bump even thinks of making an appearance. It’s all natural and may help minimize the appearance of those dreaded stretch marks.  

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Elisa Schmitz
YES! All great ideas. I'm going to put in a huge second for starting a pregnancy journal and find your tribe. KEY in pregnancy and beyond. We're all in this together. Thanks, Donna John !

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