The Beauty of a Babymoon: How to Plan the Perfect Pre-Baby Getaway for Parents-to-be by Elisa Schmitz

The Beauty of a Babymoon: How to Plan the Perfect Pre-Baby Getaway for Parents-to-be

Why take a babymoon? You know the old saying... "First comes love, next comes marriage, then..." yep, it's the baby carriage. Before your new arrival takes over your life (in the best way possible, promise!), you should take advantage of the precious moments you have as a couple. Connect with your partner before you become parents and solidify the love that got you the baby in the first place. Trust me, you will need to lean on that love in the days, weeks, months – and yes, years! – ahead. There will be moments when you turn to each other and realize that parenting is hard (often really hard), and your co-parent is your teammate. You're in it together. So take a break and celebrate the two of you! Other reasons to take a babymoon are purely practical:

You likely won't have time for luxuries like a massage, a mani-pedi or a full-blown vacation for quite a while. Go away (or take a staycation near home) and let the pros work out the kinks in your neck, take a yoga class, do some journaling and just get some rest. Sleep may be elusive in those first days, weeks and months, so stock up now while you can.

As far as location, the tropics are always a fine choice, with many island resorts now offering babymoon packages. But if you prefer to stay closer to home, look for resorts with spas (make sure they can accommodate a prenatal massage) and fine-dining options. Make sure to inform the hotel that this is your babymoon so they can plan to spoil you a bit. There's no better time to be pampered than during your pregnancy!

Consider writing a letter/email/social media post to your baby about how excited you are. Better yet, take some photos/video of what you look like, how you're feeling and what your hopes and dreams for your family are. Some parents-to-be use a traditional scrapbook or even start their own blog. There's no pressure to do that, but this is a time to reflect and capture your feelings about becoming parents, however you choose to do so.

As far as when to go, this is a question best asked of your physician. I took a babymoon early in my third trimester, but it's likely safer to go in your second. Always consult with your personal healthcare provider about when you should go (and if you should go at all).

Have fun and enjoy your last baby-less hurrah!

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Naimah Razak
These are great tips. Enjoying the time pre-baby is quite necessary, to reboot and refuel.
Elisa Schmitz
Yes, Naimah Razak! I have wonderful memories of my babymoon. Such precious and fleeting moments to savor!

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