Cycle Breaker: Forging a New Path Away From Trauma, Heartbreak & Narcissist Abuse by Shayna Meyer

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2 years ago

Cycle Breaker: Forging a New Path Away From Trauma, Heartbreak & Narcissist Abuse

I am a mother, a wife, a friend, a horse lover, a dancer and an entrepreneur. I am an American citizen and a Canadian Permanent Resident. I am a traveler, a stargazer, a lover of life and an author. I have many diverse titles, but the one I am most proud of is cycle breaker. 

To be a cycle breaker means to stand apart from one’s biological family and forge a new path away from the trauma and the heartbreak that has repeatedly spread from one generation to the next. I am the person who has chosen to cut the chain of abuse, so it may set my own children free and all the generations to come after them. This is what I consider my greatest purpose on this earth. It is fulfilling my promise to myself and my children to love them the very best way I know how no matter how hard the journey may be.

Personally, I am breaking the cycles of narcissistic abuse, religious and political fanaticism, and the perfectionism that spawned from both of those ever-present influences in my upbringing. For each person, our circumstances are different, but most of us have experienced some sort of micro trauma or micro abuse. 

However, when I refer to myself as a cycle breaker, I am not only referring to cycles of mental abuse and emotional abuse or becoming the first person in a family to stop an addiction. Being a cycle breaker means so much more. It means breaking the cycle of living a mundane life, stepping into our bravery and truly embodying the life of our own unique blueprint. Being a cycle breaker means we give ourselves permission to step out of the proverbial “box” that generations before us have built for us to live in. Cycle breakers choose for ourselves the life we want to live.

I choose to allow myself to discover my own personal joy. I have found the courage to remove the blocks that prevent me from true and lasting enjoyment. With bravery, I forge a new path forward – I am a cycle breaker. 

Photo: Shayna Meyer

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Elisa Schmitz
Love how you step into your power and shine, Shayna Meyer . Welcome to 30Seconds. Many thanks for sharing, and we look forward to learning more from you!
Great concept to be a cycle breaker, I’m all about it 🙏🏼

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