Shayna Meyer, Founder and Creator of The Enjoyment Method, guides women to deep-rooted peace and ecstatic enjoyment in their lives! Shayna utilizes a variety of tools and tactics including breathwork, herbal cleanses, a collection of meditations, effective education against various vices and cutting-edge thought processes to create a safe space where women can find true and lasting ecstatic levels of enjoyment in all the fibers of their lives through healing and community.

Her own healing journey took 15 years to find restoration and reach a state of daily, predictable enjoyment. Now she’s on a mission to expedite that process for women everywhere, by helping them take the steps to bypass wasting years in turmoil and charge toward the life they’ve always dreamed was possible.

Shayna has a bachelor’s in public relations, an unparalleled professional background with nearly two decades as an entrepreneur and real estate broker-salesperson, is a former professional dancer, and is currently Vice President of Communications and Public Relations at HomeStar Building & Design in Vancouver, BC . Shayna combines her deep knowledge of story, business, various healing modalities and real-life experience to provide a never-before-seen, comprehensive program that melds the euphoric possibilities of both mind and body through her signature framework. As a wickedly creative businessperson with a keen intuition, she is able to quickly create powerful relationships and intense results. Known for her ability to make people feel seen and uplifted, she has been the recipient of almost every major award in the real estate industry; #1 ranked Real Estate Agent, by volume, in Las Vegas, Coldwell Banker’s Top 5% in America, Coldwell Banker’s #1 Real Estate Agent in Las Vegas, and featured in Realtor Magazine’s Top 30 Under 30. Shayna also has memberships with the National Reined Cow Horse Association. She enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family, riding horses, dancing, traveling, reading books and laughing.

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