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2 years ago

Learning Management Systems: 5 Reasons Why Integrating Your LMS With CRM May Help Your Business

Learning management systems can work as island software (e.g. alone) without any integrations. But in such work, the full potential of the system may not be used. Putting a LMS (learning management system) in contact with CRM (customer relationship management) software through API (Application Programming Interface) integration may help your business, as it provides strategic benefits to the company from the sales point of view if the sales department employees are correctly instructed.

Here are some benefits of integrating your LMS with your CRM software:

1. Improved Learning Experience

The user information and permissions are shared between the LMS and the CRM software, which means that the users can benefit from the single sign-in process. The learning experience enhances because of the CRM integration – the learners have access to the software and can implement their knowledge firsthand in practical situations. Such learning practices don't just make the learning process interesting and engaging, but the effectiveness may also increase as the learners retain the information for a longer time and get more practical knowledge.

2. Sales Optimization

The data that a LMS-CRM integration generates provides the trends about courses’ sales results. It allows you to define your own user needs and business requirements. By integrating LMS and CRM software, you also come up with information based on marketing campaigns and have a more simplified payment process that could also be faster.

3. Saving Time 

The integration of LMS and CRM saves a lot of time – it eradicates the redundancy of data and the need for manual data handling. The time to enroll the students and assign them programs is also saved, as LMS gives learners the option to self enroll and get assigned to tasks. The integration may also help in automating on-boarding, and new committee chairpersons and board directors can join the training programs. The educator and manager can stay fully aware of the strengths and pitfalls of the students and the programs while using that information to make new courses and training sessions.

4. Monitoring and Analytics

With an integrated LMS-CRM system, it may become easier to monitor and get analytics. The integration provides a detailed view of learning status, tracking the learners’ progress, participation and performance, which are crucial data to better the workforce while understanding the roots of issues and knowledge gaps.

5. Centralizing Data

Traditionally the LMS has worked separately from the business software, which is pretty concerning as these departments collaborate often when it comes to customer-facing services. Non-integrated systems have very little interaction between the LMS and CRM system, and while the training teams can actually review metrics, such as registration and completion rates, there is still very little visibility into how their work impacts the organization overall. 

If the sales team wants to know who has taken training, they need to wait for the report to be sent to them, which can be time-consuming. However, through the integration of CRM, which is used as the primary point of record for these teams, all the data gets centralized in one location and is available for everyone to refer to. Not just the sales team, but various other stakeholders get the access to pull out reports on who has taken training and can be on-boarded.

Gone are the days when learning management systems worked in isolated ways. Through the integration of LMS and CRM systems, learning and performance are becoming more and more measurable, which is facilitating the certification allowing organizations to fix more and more rewarding programs. It has become more important to find the right LMS by reading the reviews and comparing them for your organization. LMS shouldn't just give you the options to train your employees, but also allow integrations for you to make the most out of it and get the maximum benefit for your business.

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