m-Learning Software: What You Need to Know About the Basics of e-Learning & Mobile Learning Management Software (LMS) by 30Seconds Mom

3 years ago

m-Learning Software: What You Need to Know About the Basics of e-Learning & Mobile Learning Management Software (LMS)

With the rapid advancement in technology, and so many students learning from home during the coronavirus pandemic, the field of e-learning has seen enormous growth. The worldwide e-Learning market is projected to be worth around $325 billion by 2025. With new and exciting ways to share and receive knowledge, we have moved from traditional brick-and-mortar classrooms to virtual classrooms. The latest addition is a classroom on your mobile device, popularly known as m-Learning.

With m-Learning, the student gets the benefit of accessing and learning the course anytime, from anywhere, by having an active internet connection. Students can watch tutorials, take assessments, attend online seminars from anywhere and at their convenience. The tutors, teachers and trainers get the option of making the course more interactive and engaging. They can include multimedia and gamification for a better learning experience and longer knowledge retention.

An effective and successful mobile learning management system can be obtained by keeping these basic elements in mind:

The Learner

The student is the most important element of any and every learning program. All the services curated and provided are keeping the student in the center of the learning process. The application is built on and around the learner’s interests, experiences and needs. The target of any learning program is based on the growth of the student. Accordingly, the strategies for developing an LMS app should be interesting, engaging and flexible. The student should be able to:

  • Access the information anywhere, anytime.
  • Learn at their own pace.
  • Account for their own learning.
  • Share and collaborate information.
  • Evaluate themselves.
  • Communicate effectively with peers, staff and faculties.
  • Enhance the learning experience through quizzes, gamification and interactive learning sessions.

The Teacher

The teacher is a key element in any learning environment. In traditional methods, the teachers leads the students in a classroom setting. With the advancement in technology and easy availability of information, the role of the teacher has became more of a presenter of information. Further advancements have changed the role to a moderator, and now it's slowly changing toward the role of a consultant. In the role of a consultant, the teacher is required to identify student’s interests and create the related content, making it interesting by using various learning management software (LMS) tools that are aimed toward the learning goals of the students. The teacher should be able to:

  • Analyze strengths and weaknesses of the targeted group of students.
  • Act as a facilitator and a guide.
  • Increase motivation by resolving the barriers and hurdles.
  • Arrange activities to collaborate group interactions.
  • Create an effective evaluation process.

The Content

Effective content can make an effective presentation. However, when it comes to creating content for learning this does not really apply. Content created for m-Learning or e-Learning should not only be informative, but should be fun and involving. LMS apps facilitate you to create more effective, engaging, interactive course content, which can provide a better learning experience. Including interactive games, quizzes, videos and multimedia provides an engaging learning experience and longer retention for students.

The Environment 

The course content and navigation must provide a positive environment for the student, as they may be accessing it from anywhere and anytime. It should be designed in a manner that creates a conducive environment for collaborative learning. The information should be put across in a logical way so that the student can easily share ideas and feedback.

The Assessment

Accessing the student's progress is a critical element of the mobile learning program. The learning program should be interactive, and so should the evaluation. A good LMS will have an in-build assessment tool to evaluate and report the learner’s assessment to the instructor and to the learner as well. As the assessments happen online, and facilitating the results should also be instant. With mobile learning, teachers can include the formative assessment structure impactfully, ensuring that the student is engaged at every step of the course.

Mobile learning is in demand. To help create an effective LMS app, keep in mind the tips above at every stage of the course formation. Mobile learning should deliver an effective learning environment for both teachers and students. 

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Elisa Schmitz
The growth of e-Learning and m-Learning has been exponential, and I'm sure it will only continue to grow. Many thanks for this very helpful insight!
It seems like learning will be remote for quite some time, so this is important to know.
Donna John
E-Learning is so important these days. I do think kids need to be in school, but it's great that there is now an option. I am thinking about taking a class from home soon.
Mobile learning is for adults and kids alike. Great info! 🙌🏼
Julie Rose
Our family is all over this but needs better support to do it right.
I want to get into teaching online. Seems like a growing field and can do it from anywhere. Thanks for the ideas.

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