Donations for Birthdays Instead of Gifts: How One Little Boy Is Giving Back to His Community by Katherine Fraiser Oros

Donations for Birthdays Instead of Gifts: How One Little Boy Is Giving Back to His Community

Since my kids' first birthday, we've asked for charitable donations from friends instead of gifts. They get plenty of toys from us and grandparents. This year, Blake asked for donations for the animal shelter and was featured in our neighborhood magazine! Here's an excerpt: 

Ever since the Oros boys turned a year old, they have solicited donations for charity rather than gifts from friends at their birthday parties. Grant and Blake get plenty of toys, candy and money from family and mom Kat wanted them to never expect gifts from friends for birthdays.

This year, Blake turned 7 and chose to ask for donations for the animal shelter. He and mom took bags of dog food, cat food, blankets and toys to the Chesterfield Animal Shelter near the courthouse. 

“I think it is important to instill giving to others into our children,” Kat shares. “They get so much year-round.” 

This year was the first that Blake asked why he didn’t receive gifts from friends. He agreed to receive one gift from dad Dan and mom Kat (a huge gumball machine) and getting candy from Five Below as the trade-off.

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Donna John
This is so awesome, Katherine Fraiser Oros ! What a great thing to do. Your kids are learning so much from this. Thank you for sharing his story with us. I am going to make a food donation to my local animal shelter and pay it forward for Blake.
Elisa Schmitz
Aw, I love this! What a wonderful role model you are as his mom, and he is to everyone else. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea, Katherine Fraiser Oros . Happy holidays to you and your special family!

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