Registering My Child for Kindergarten: Mixed Emotions for This Memorable Milestone by Rhiannon Bowden

Registering My Child for Kindergarten: Mixed Emotions for This Memorable Milestone

Thursday, April 19, was a normal day for most. However, for some it was a day full of emotion. This was the day some of us realized our little ones are growing up too fast. The time had come to register our kids for kindergarten. For me personally, the day was a roller coaster, making sure I had all the papers and that my child was ready to answer all the questions. Like many parents, we worried that our kid would act silly or shy when meeting a new teacher. My 4-year-old was shy at first but once he went with the teacher we could see him relax. We knew then that he really was ready.

I had mixed emotions. I was proud, worried, sad and relieved. I felt excited getting him ready for this next stage. I was excited to finally say “no more daycare!” (I know many parents can relate!) I was sad to be looking at my oldest and realize he is no longer a toddler, he is no longer dependent on me for everything; he is growing up. That was a scary thought, but unlike many, we did not cry. Instead, we hugged him and smiled.

Tears can come when he is officially in school. We went to the playground afterwards to run around and celebrate this important milestone in his life.

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Elisa Schmitz
This is lovely, Rhiannon Bowden . "I had mixed emotions. I was proud, worried, sad and relieved." I think I felt this way at each stage of my kids' education, especially high school graduation. Thank you for sharing what we parents all can relate to. Welcome to our 30Seconds tribe. So thrilled to have you with us!
Ann Marie Patitucci
I just love this, Rhiannon Bowden ! It was a couple of years ago for me but I felt the very same way. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. And welcome to our community of writers!
Meredith Schneider
Oh my goodness Rhiannon Bowden, I so can relate to this x4! We have 1 son and 3 daughters. There is such a range of emotions enrolling your child into Kindergarten. To anyone at this stage cherish every emotional second! AND don't blink! Our son turns 16 this weekend and our daughters will be 14, 10 & 7 this summer! I actually got weepy when I saw the signs for Kindergarten round-up. No more Kindergarten round-ups for us. Next school year will be one Junior, one Freshman, one 5th grader and one 2nd grader. Better stock up on more wine! Welcome & thanks for sharing this tip and sending me down memory lane. :-)

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