Home-Selling Tips From a Realtor: 5 Simple Ways to Get Your House Ready to Sell! by Holly Budde

6 years ago

Home-Selling Tips From a Realtor: 5 Simple Ways to Get Your House Ready to Sell!

Are you listing your home this spring? Your competition is all other homes in your area listed on the market. Here are a few easy ways to come out ahead with buyers!

  • Clean. Even if you can't afford anything else listed in this tip, cleaning is still No.1. Declutter and make it shine. Hire a professional if you have to!
  • Cover any bold colors with neutral colors. You and your friends love the hot pink wall in the wall in the hallway; buyers will not. Beige is the new black (hint, hint). Grays and natural whites tones also work but stay away from cold white – it is perceived as cheap.
  • Consider curb appeal. If the curb doesn't appeal they will never see your fabulous kitchen! Clean the sidewalks and driveways, plant some flowers, stage the porch with plants, trim trees and shrubs, and clean the front door space thoroughly. Polish and repaint the door!
  • Repair anything you know is broken or not working as it should. You may also consider getting a home inspection, although it isn't necessary.
  • Don't overprice it. The No. 1 reason homes remain on the market is price.

Think of why you bought it – what appealed to you? What made you love it? Showcase those features.

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Elisa Schmitz
Great tips, Holly Budde . I think price is the killer because everyone thinks their home is worth that much more... Tough to lower expectations!
Holly Budde
we are all emtionally attached to our homes, as we should be, we work hard and raise families there. its often hard to sell it
Mike Prochaska
So move the kids out..
Holly Budde
No!! keep the kids toss the bath water ! , just throw it all in a storage ottoman or basket when the buyers tour.
Mike Prochaska
lol or under the bed if your my kids lol

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