Remove the Weeds: The Importance of Mental Gardening, Reflection & Personal TLC by Sammi

2 years ago

Remove the Weeds: The Importance of Mental Gardening, Reflection & Personal TLC

I haven't done any work or invested any time in my backyard this year so it has become very overgrown.

There are many things back there that I was curious about, so I let them grow to see what they would become. A few things are interesting, but mostly they are just weeds, invasive species, and even a few poisonous plants. 

There is a forsythia tree, Rose of Sharon and apple tree growing back there, but all of them are getting choked out by the other stuff that is growing wild. Forget any flowers I tried to plant last year, weeds devoured them completely.

I can't help but look at this and reflect on my life at this moment. The plants I want to grow are my interests, my goals, my visions for the future. The mystery plants that turned out to be something new and interesting are the hobbies or new skills I have tried to develop. All the weeds, poisonous plants and invasive species are the bad habits, procrastination, distractions and negative influences that have been getting in the way of my progress and growth.

Having a clear visual representation of how these things are a hindrance is really motivating. Part of why I have been so neglectful of my yard is because I have been working on big plans for my future, but I think it's time for some TLC. As I remove what I don't want from my yard to protect and nourish what I wish to keep, I will reflect on what needs to be removed or protected in my own life.

For me, 2021 has been the year of doing messy work so that 2022 can be beautiful.

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What a wonderful reflection. 🌷
Elisa Schmitz
YES, Samantha Harris . I feel the same way about weeds in the garden and the correlation to my own life. We have to pull them out because they tend to take over. Hope all the work you put in this year manifests into great things for you next year. Thank you for sharing this!
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