Hugging Can Provide at Least 9 Health Benefits: Here's How to Hug During a Pandemic by Nicole DeAvilla

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3 years ago

Hugging Can Provide at Least 9 Health Benefits: Here's How to Hug During a Pandemic

Feeling down? How would you like to do the following?

  1. enhance your immune system
  2. feel more connected with others
  3. balance your nervous system
  4. reduce your stress
  5. feel really good
  6. lower your heart rate
  7. reduce anxiety
  8. feel content
  9. stop worrying about your mortality

How about doing it all in 30 seconds? You can! Give someone a hug. Science shows all of these benefits from the simple act of hugging. Quick, hug your kids or spouse! You all will be happier and healthier for it.

How to Hug During a Pandemic

But wait. We're currently in a pandemic. Can you still hug someone? An article in the New York Times says the safest thing is to avoid hugs right now, but if you need to hug someone there are precautions you can take:

  • Wear a face mask.
  • Hug outdoors.
  • Try to avoid touching the other person’s body or clothes with your face and your mask.
  • Don’t hug someone who is coughing or has other symptoms.
  • Don't hug face to face.
  • Don't hug cheeks together, facing the same direction.
  • Do hug facing opposite directions.
  • Don’t talk or cough while you’re hugging.
  • Hug quickly.
  • When you're done, don’t linger. Back away quickly so you don’t breathe into each other’s faces.
  • Wash your hands afterward.
  • Try not to cry.
  • Let kids hug you around the knees or waist.

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Nicole DeAvilla
And more (((HUGS))) right back!
S Roberts
The science behind hugs is so fascinating, so it's great to have these tips that concisely explains how much so.
I'm not one of those people who hugs just anyone, but when it comes to my kids they get their fair share! Then my kid's hugging styles are as different as night day. My 13 yr old son has a thing for his Mama (yes, he's a mama's boy) and is always good for a hug, even in front of friends. He also happens to know the best time to hug me, when I'm stressed and it instantly calms me! My 17 yr old daughter, on the other hand plays "hard to get", so I have to be the hugger. She also holds her feelings inside, so it's sometimes hard to recognize when she needs that hug where I go crawl in her bed while she's doing homework, pull her to my chest and run my fingers through her hair. It works like magic to reduce her stress as well as keep any contention that mom & daughters are sometimes subjected to at bay.. And can't leave out Dad, he's a good hugger too!
Nicole DeAvilla
Stacey Roberts I love hearing about your family dynamics and finding the right fit hugs for everyone! So happy to see that you know how it's not one size fits all when it comes to kids. :)
Ann Marie Patitucci
Oh, I just love this, Nicole DeAvilla ! Thank you for sharing!
Kaila Weingarten
Thanks, Nicole. Everyone needs hugs, and it's great to know it's healthy too.
Kaila Weingarten
Thanks, Nicole Rick DeAvilla. Everyone needs hugs, and it's great to know it's healthy too.
Nicole DeAvilla
Yes, Kaila Weingarten Hugs are free and should be given freely!
It's strange to realize now through your post how I've gotten use to give less hugs and receive less hugs since the kids have left. I didn't know they had all these healthy benefits but it sounds so true. I can hardly wait to see my wonderful man and give him a big warm hug. And (((HUGS)))) to you too Nicole.
Nicole DeAvilla
IsabelleD - somehow I missed your comment. I hope you have been enjoying lots of hugs. I agree, when the kids are gone we have to seek other hugs to keep up a plentiful supply. Thanks. And more (((HUGS))) back to you!
Julio Caro
Thanks For Sharing.....

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