Teens Who Trick or Treat This Halloween in Some Cities Could Go to Jail: Which Side Are You On? by Keith Sereduck

5 years ago

Teens Who Trick or Treat This Halloween in Some Cities Could Go to Jail: Which Side Are You On?

The New York Post reported in 2018 that in certain parts of Virginia over-age trick-or-treaters could end up serving hard time. Chesapeake is the latest. In that town, if you are caught knocking on doors over the age of 12, you could face a fine of $100 and six months in prison. PRISON. FOR TRICK OR TREATING.

Now, there's been a rumor going around for, I don't know, eight years, that I had my now 8-year-old son just so I could start going trick or treating again. Also, that I had his 6-year-old brother so that I could squeeze another two years out of it. While those seem like fantastic ideas in theory, those rumors are false. Similarly are the ones that say I had my children to buy toys or watch cartoons. Negative. I actually had them so they can take care of me when I'm old. My wife may be younger than me but I don't plan on going any time soon, so I felt I needed a buffer. I jest, but here's the bottom line...

People complain that you shouldn't take babies trick or treating because they can't even eat the candy yet. They say teens are too old. To those people, I say this: it is never wrong to spend time with your family. Babies don't understand Christmas, but we buy them presents.

What's the difference?

Teens are different. Some choose not to do it because they think it’s for kids. Others stop because their friends in that first group did. Some, like me, grew up loving Halloween and never wanting to stop (and then being accused of procreating just to partake in wonderful holidays). To those who would take issue with that, I offer this: there are many worse things they could be doing. A lot worse. Like, really, really, movie of the week and after-school special worse. They’re still kids. Let them enjoy it.

My door is open and my candy available to any and all who are brave enough to knock on all Hallows Eve. Is yours?

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Halloween should be for everyone.
Elisa Schmitz
Wow, this is amazing. I have to admit, the older teens who show up at the door after hours and wearing scary masks do freak me out. But I can't understand being arrested unless you do something illegal! Geez! Keith Sereduck
Karen L
That is where I live and we honestly get older kids. As long as they are having fun and being respectful who cares. Let kids be kids.
Egan Patricia
I get those teens that dont even try to dress up. They come in street clothes and some don't even say trick or treat or thank you. But putting them in jail for doing so just destroys their lives here after.
Ann Marie Patitucci
That is just crazy! Prison?! I agree with you, Keith Sereduck ; they could me doing much worse. Let’s let them enjoy being “little” for one night.
Rick St. Peter
Thank goodness Chesapeake has all its problems solved so it can get down to the real business of policing trick or treaters...
Marge Jesberger
Yes I think teenagers should go trick or treating they are just big kids that's all. Except one time I had a teenager ask me for gas money so I thought that was a little over the top
Dawn Taylor
I just wrote a tip about this! They are kids even as teens! Ridiculous that people won’t share their candy really. Let our teens be kids a little longer. And grown men like you 😂

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