Strange Fishy Smell in Your House? Here's What That Odor Could Really Mean! by Keith Sereduck

6 years ago

Strange Fishy Smell in Your House? Here's What That Odor Could Really Mean!

Your day started out fine. Got up. Fed the kids. Got them off to school. Then, it hits you. You smell fish. Where is it it coming from? Why am I smelling it? Did you eat fish? No. You check the trash. Not coming from there. You check the drains, the toilets. Nothing. There it is again. You check the dirty clothes, the washer, dryer, thinking that maybe a little friend ended up buying the big one in someone's pocket. Thankfully, no. 

Duty calls. Off to work you go. By the time you pick up the kids, run all your errands and get home, you've forgotten about your new pungent friend. Until you open the door. Smack! There it is again. You decide to do some serious recon. Room by room, you search. Under, over and inside of everything. You're getting closer. Your nose finally leads you to an outlet on a wall. 

You unplug the lamp that's plugged in. Notice that both the plug and the outlet are discolored, slightly burned. Putting your hand against the outlet you notice that it's hot. Sometimes, a fish isn't a fish. When electrical components or wires are exposed to high heat they emit a fishy odor. Any hot or burning outlets (receptacles, wall sockets) could mean loose connections That need to be examined by a licensed electrician. 

Being diligent today could stop a disaster from happening tomorrow. Check your outlets today!

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Elisa Schmitz
How scary! Thank you for sharing this, Keith Sereduck . I had no idea!
Melissa Hurt
wow! excellent tip-- thanks for sharing this!
Ann Marie Patitucci
Such an important tip! Thanks, Keith Sereduck !
Alexie Linn
Our store swamp cooler sends fishy smell throughout the store when it's first fired up for the season...might check the wiring...thanks.
Keith Sereduck
Definitely! Better safe than sorry!

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