DIY Pimple Treatment: Get Rid of That Zit Fast With This Easy Acne Treatment by Holly Budde

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4 years ago

DIY Pimple Treatment: Get Rid of That Zit Fast With This Easy Acne Treatment

Since as far back as I can remember, it never fails: I get this awful blemish just in time for some special event. I have come to accept it's just part of womanhood. The next time this happens to you try my simple beauty hack.

You'll need:

Here's how to do it:

  1. Rub the blemish with baby powder or cornstarch.
  2. Leave it on for a little while.
  3. Wash it off and pat your face gently to dry.

It makes mine disappear. If your teenager is having trouble with this, try having them rub it on their face before going to bed in addition to their regular skin-care routine.

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Elisa Schmitz
My daughter does this! I wonder if she read your tip, LOL! Thanks, Holly Budde !
Meredith Schneider
Oh Holly Budde ! I need to show this to my 13yr old daughter. She was messing with her forehead last night. Ugggghhhh!
Holly Budde
thats exactly how this came about at my house !!
Lmao I think this is a hilarious way to cover up blemishes. However, I prefer to treat my acne over the long term so I don't have to ever deal with blemishes. I believe that putting your internal body into balance is the key to a long term cure for acne. This means addressing things like your diet, skincare routine, stress levels, and exercise just to name a few things.

For me, it was hard to address all of those things. I found this blog that recommends a product called Acne No More which is a guide that shows you step by step natural ways to put your body into balance so that you can keep your skin looking fresh and young for the long term. The guide was so great, I still apply those same protocols to my life and I have remained acne free for over a year now. This was the review that convinced me to get the product and it was the best decision I made =>

I hope it helps you guys in the fight for acne-free skin!

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