Skinbuzz: How a Mother/Daughter Team Created a Natural Approach to Acne Care by Belinda Lichty Clarke

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4 years ago

Skinbuzz: How a Mother/Daughter Team Created a Natural Approach to Acne Care

When licensed esthetician and acne expert Nicole Sullivan decided to create Skinbuzz, a gentle skin-care line designed to fight teen acne, she consulted another expert – her daughter, Sofia.

"She helped me create Skinbuzz," says Sullivan. "Sofia was 11 when I began creating the line. She was involved in the entire process. Everything from the product names – she came up with Bee•You•Tiful Moisturizer – to the scent including the feel of every product was pretty much approved by her. And, she really does use it every day. I was so lucky to be able to share this journey with her."

But in addition to tapping her daughter's creativity, Sullivan found another source: bees. Each Skinbuzz product gets major magic from bees, explains Sullivan. Two ingredients in particular are the foundation of the line – propolis, a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory substance used by honeybees to strengthen their hives and beeswax, which also has anti-inflammatory and skin protectant properties. 

Here's what Sullivan had to say about her line and the forces behind it:

Q. Where did you get the inspiration to harvest the power of bees for your products?

"I’ve always been blown away with importance of bees in our world. When I became an esthetician and acne specialist, I realized how powerful ingredients from bees are for our skin as well. Everything Skinbuzz borrows from bees – propolis, beeswax and royal jelly – are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and wound healing. These ingredients also help with skin turnover, which is so important to keep our skin bright."

Q. What are your best tips for parents who want to help their teens take care of their acne-prone skin but don’t want to nag? 

"Our kids, for better or worse, are super aware of their appearance. With the advent of cell phones, they see themselves constantly in selfies or facetime. If they are acne prone, they know it and they are probably sensitive about it. Let them know that taking care of their skin at home is 90 percent of the battle. It really is. Give them a great home regimen and teach them how to use it. Every morning and evening cleanse, then tone, then moisturize. Whatever you’ve been told, a good moisturizer even on oily skin is key. Always add sunscreen every day. I find if they have products available to them that smell good, feel good and actually helps their skin they’ll use it."

Q. Can you explain the origin of propolis and how it enhances your products? And how do bees use it?

"Propolis is a miracle ingredient. It is a resin that bees collect from trees and then use to build their hives. Skinbuzz is about fighting acne before it starts, but if a blemish does happen, we want to heal it as soon as possible. This is where propolis comes in. It is an antibacterial and it helps with skin turnover which is important for preventing acne while the antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties help any breakout disappear more quickly." 

Q. How does beeswax enhance the moisturizer?

"Our moisturizer has so many beautiful and non-pore-clogging ingredients. Beeswax not only helps hold moisture in, but it provides a protective barrier for the skin. Beeswax is also rich in vitamin A which helps smooth and soften your skin." 

Q. Is there anything else you’d like to share with fellow moms looking for the best skin care for their children?

"One of the biggest reasons I created Skinbuzz was there is so little out there appropriate for young skin. Kid’s skin is so much more sensitive than adult skin. Yes, blemishes will happen. Don’t freak out and get some super harsh product that is meant for an adult. It will only make matters worse. Truly the best thing you can do is teach them how to take care of their skin properly with good clean ingredients. They’ll see the difference and thank you later."

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