Beauty Talk: Is Long Hair a Security Blanket or Fashion Statement? by Terri Kendrick

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2 years ago

Beauty Talk: Is Long Hair a Security Blanket or Fashion Statement?

Throughout my life, while other women had their hair in French braids and banana clips, blown out, layered and flat-ironed, I was always “the girl with the short hair.” To me, long hair wasn’t so much a style as a security blanket. In a sea of carbon-copy manes, I held my cropped head high.

Although I felt superior to this homogenous group, I also felt set apart. By not having hair that I could toss or twirl, I began to feel short an “X” chromosome. So, when I turned 40, I decided to see what I had been missing. 

For about two years, I endured bangs that hung like a curtain over my eyes, broken ends, uneven layers and an uncontrollable urge to chop it all off! By 42, I was finally able to gather my hair into the stubbiest of Olive Oyl ponytails. I was proud.

My final trim, when I finally had “long” hair, felt like some weird rite of passage. But as I entered my 50s, my long hair began to feel like a desperate attempt to hang onto my youth. Slowly, I’ve cut my hair shorter and shorter again.

In a meeting yesterday, I was surrounded by a table full of long-haired women. I realized that I didn’t feel different, I felt distinctive. And suddenly like myself again!

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Donna John
How funny. I just asked the woman who cuts my hair last week when do most women start getting their hair cut shorter. I will turn 50 in September. So I'm not the only one who thinks about things like that. :) You are gorgeous and would look good with any length hair, but it's important to do what makes YOU feel good. I had the "mom cut" until I went through a divorce in 2004. Immediately started growing it out and it's been long ever since. (Revenge hair??) ;-) I am starting to think about going shorter ... one day.
Terri Kendrick
Someone told me once that you're too old for long hair if you get a lot of looks from men following you, but when you turn around, they're suddenly not interested. ;)
Elisa Schmitz
This is so great and timely for me! I love your hair length, Terri Jones . To me, it's not really "short hair." It's more medium hair. I currently have medium-to-long hair, and I like it. I used to have even longer hair. I'll never forget when I cut it to medium length, came home from the salon and my daughters both burst into tears! They wanted my long hair back. It feels like part of who I am, yet the medium length is way easier and more practical. Thank you for this food for thought!
Somér Natural
I love the length of your hair and how it sculpts your beautiful face! Mid to long-length hair, worn up, down or wild seems more like a mood to me. What's great about having mid-length is you can dress up, down, casual or cover it with a hat. Both are versatile for any occasion. The combination of any length of hair with healthy-looking skin is gorgeous at any age. Thank you for your article!
Sheri B Doyle
I have worn my hair super short for the better part of my life. I once had a little kid refer to me as a mister because my hair was short. I thought it was so sad that in our society women are "supposed" to have long hair in his and so many peoples minds. I LOVE my short hair, to be honest there are times that I also love that I am different by wearing short hair.
I hate the rules of when to go short, long is sexy, short is not, etc. I think we all need to be who we want and wear our hair the way we feel sexy and beautiful. Society needs to change the stereotypes and by being true to ourselves we each help that happen.
Terri Kendrick
I agree wholeheartedly.
Hair Style Boy I love the length of your hair and how it sculpts your beautiful face
Hair Style Boy I love the length of your hair and how it sculpts your beautiful face Hair Style Boy

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