Haircut in New York City: Why I Splurged on a New 'Do From Oscar Blandi (Kind Of!) by Belinda Lichty Clarke

Haircut in New York City: Why I Splurged on a New 'Do From Oscar Blandi (Kind Of!)

My typical work trip to New York City is a 24-hour whirlwind that's pretty much all work and no play. This time around, despite having the same 24-hour window, I decided to treat myself to a fancy haircut. I mean, haircuts are always better outside your home city, right? Especially in NYC!

I chose Oscar Blandi, since it was near my hotel. I love his hair products and he's a celebrity stylist. Did Oscar cut my hair? No freaking way. He probably charges thousands and, also, is too busy with stars like Katie Holmes, Kelly Ripa and Sienna Miller, just to name a few.

Did I love the cut I got? Love is not a strong enough word. The stylist got rid of my fried strands and brought out the bounce I thought I'd lost after having kids.

Did it cost a fortune? Kind of. All in, with tip, it was $175, which is steep, especially for a Chicago native.

Did I see Oscar? Yes! He was there, overseeing the new salon renovation.

Was it worth it? Totally, and good cuts tend to last longer, right?

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Donna John
You look gorgeous, my friend! Sassy! :-) Belinda Lichty Clarke
Meredith Schneider
Belinda Lichty Clarke , you look stunning! xoxo I'm about to get mine cut too. Want to get a lob (long bob?!) and of course get rid of these damn grays at the roots.
Elisa Schmitz
Totally worth the splurge, Belinda Lichty Clarke ! You look amazing. Love the new you! 😀

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