Chef Ryan Boudreaux is the author of three cookbooks: "Complete Cajun Cookbook: 100 Home-Cooked Bayou Classics," "The Easy Creole and Cajun Cookbook: Modern and Classic Dishes Made Simple" and "The Best of New Orleans Cookbook: 50 Classic Cajun and Creole Recipes From the Big Easy."

With over 42 years of cooking experience, 21 years of them in the restaurant industry, and now 16 years of experience in information technology and away from the production side of the biz Chef Ryan's focus now is to document and record in digital format the vast knowledge base that he has accumulated over the years. Several boxes of manuals, binders, notebooks, recipes, etc, and with 350+ cookbooks and reference material in my library, his current focus is transforming this personal hard copy document collection into digital format.

Honors include:

Bronze Medal, ACF Culinary Competition, 1985 American Culinary Federation (ACF) Apprentice Chef Award, 1984 Second Place, Gumbo Cook-Off Competition, 1990 American Institute of Wine and Food (AIWF)

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