Stunning Sunsets From Around the World: 6 Breathtaking Sunset Photos to Inspire You by Sheri B Doyle

Stunning Sunsets From Around the World: 6 Breathtaking Sunset Photos to Inspire You

Everyone loves a sunset, or at least everyone I have met. I don't know if it is the intense color, the glorious goodbye to a day of our lives or the romantic glow that is cast on everything under the setting sun that inspires so many of us.

Traveling has helped me appreciate the diversity of a sunset, the way communities react to them and the importance of taking a moment or two to give thanks for this beautiful world we live in.

These are some of my favorite sunset photos:

1. Tuscan Mountains at Sunset: Tuscany is known for its rolling hills, but the mountains are just as spectacular, especially at sunset.

2. Three Boats in Indonesia: In Lembongan, Indonesia, each night the tide rolls out so dramatically that the boats beached under the setting sun will be so deep in the morning one must swim out to them.

3. Belize Sky: One of the amazing things about the Belize, Mexico, sunsets is their variance of color. One moment they are yellow and soft and then a few minutes later the sky is ablaze in oranges, reds and pinks.

4. Utila Boat at Sunset: In the serenity of the evening skies in Utila, Honduras, sailboats can easily become the stars of every sunset, especially because they are usually alone on the calm ocean.

5. Piazza San Marco: This iconic church in Venice, Italy, completely changes as the sun sets. Each gold tile glimmers in what is left of the days sun demanding a final glance before it is surrounded by darkness.

6. Shadows of Montmarte: The Eiffel Tower is of course the iconic architecture of Paris, France. However, seeing Montmarte like this I think it deserves just as much attention.

You can visit my photography site for more sunset images and other travel images.

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Donna John
Absolutely gorgeous, Sheri B Doyle ! Breathtaking. Thank you for sharing them with us. I can't wait to check out your other photos.
Elisa Schmitz
So beautiful, Sheri B Doyle . I love sunsets so much, too. They can bring about some melancholy, as we say goodbye to another day in our lives, but they also are hopeful, because we know a sunrise will follow. Thank you for sharing your stunning photos with us. I am definitely inspired!
Very pretty. You sure have traveled to some amazing places.
Breathtaking. I love sunsets. 🌞
Soberlink Reviews
I really want to go to Tuscany.
DAC Developments
I would love to visit this place
Barry Humfrey Geraldton
What a stunning view....amazing

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