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Planning Your Post-Pandemic Vacation: ​7 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Next Travel Adventure

Do you remember the last time you came across a cheap flight to fly abroad and thought, "This is not the right time. I'm not ready yet. Maybe I'll just travel next time?" Then, you got busy, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and travel restrictions were imposed, making you regret your decision. You're not alone. A lot of people have been feeling the same way, but you can’t blame yourself. Traveling abroad isn't easy. It requires a lot of time and money.

If you get an opportunity to travel now or in the near future, where will you go? Whether you're a student, an employee or just simply have wanderlust, there are many exciting opportunities awaiting you. You can travel alone or with a group, each of which has a unique set of advantages and experiences.

Now more than ever, planning is essential when it comes to traveling. It's helpful to be well prepared before heading to your travel destination. While your travel may not always be as seamless as how you plan it to be, here are some crucial tips that you can keep in mind to make the most of your vacation:

1. Save Enough Money

Traveling is fun, but it can be expensive, especially if you're not able to plan a travel budget prior to leaving. You can prepare by ensuring you put your traveling budget on your preparation list priority and start saving money for it. Also, make sure to pack essential items, including some snacks that will sustain you for a certain amount of time in case you are stuck somewhere without access to food.

You also can do research on other ways to get the travel funds you need. You could work extra hours to hit your goal travel budget or you could ask your friends or relatives to help you raise travel funds. You won't only need money for travel expenses, but also money to spend on drinks, food, accommodations and other expenses.

2. Review Safety Measures

Before you travel, review your travel destination's safety measures and guidelines. For example, you may decide not to bring along with you expensive and valuable items so that they won't get stolen, lost or damaged.

Also, remember that you shouldn't walk alone in risky or dangerous areas. Write down the things you need to do if you find yourself in an emergency. If you're in a group, stick with your people to avoid putting yourself at risk. Pay attention to your group leader or the travel staff who will give you some safety reminders before you leave for your destination.

3. Find Out Who Is Traveling With You

Traveling is a good opportunity to make new friends and enjoy new experiences. If you're not traveling with your family or friends but rather acquaintances or people you don't know, take time to get to know the people who are traveling with you. Arrange to meet them ahead of time, which you may do virtually if it's more comfortable, given the current pandemic. Familiarize yourself with them before you travel together. It'll make you feel more comfortable and at ease if you know a few other individuals who are traveling in your group.

4. Research Your Travel Destination

It's a good idea to learn more about your destination before going there. Find out the background of the place, including the culture, weather and the food available. Try to learn about the landmarks and attraction sites that can be of interest. You'll have a much better experience and enjoy it more when you already know what to expect prior to arriving.

5. Travel Light

Always travel as light as you can when traveling, whether alone or in a group. It'll be much easier to move around from one spot to another and you won't be likely to lose or misplace your valuable items if you’re only carrying a few things. Research your destination's weather conditions in advance to know what kind of clothes you should bring. Don’t bring items that aren’t essential for your travel, as these will only add to the weight you’ll have to carry.

6. Get Enough Sleep

It's sometimes difficult to sleep because of excitement when your travel date is fast approaching. You may think that sleep isn't important, but it's crucial to have enough sleep, before and during your travel. You'll need to be alert and energetic during the days you'll be out. Get enough rest and aim to sleep well a few days before your departure. You may be tempted to stay awake for travel preparation, but this will only make your travel hectic and exhausting.

7. Relax and Have Fun

Manage stress by ensuring you're in a calm state before your departure time. Being away for many days, weeks or months from home can be stressful. However, if you take steps to have fun and relax during your vacation, you'll be more likely enjoy and have a better travel experience.

Ways to Learn a New Language for Traveling

You may not know the language of your trip destination, but it's important to be familiar with some words and key phrases to communicate with the locals in case they don't understand the language that you use. Whether you prefer a laptop or your smartphone, if you're looking for more resources to learn a foreign language, there are a lot of options available.

Understanding another language or knowing some foreign phrases is one of the best ways for travelers to discover foreign cultures. If you're traveling where the English language isn't spoken, it's vital to know the meanings of some basic phrases the locals use. Sometimes, even though you visit a place where English is spoken, you still may find that local people are more comfortable responding in their native language.

To get you started, here are some resources to help you begin to learn the language of your travel destination:

Online Tutors

If you want a small handbook that’ll teach you a few words, visit the nearest bookstore. However, if you want to learn more about understanding and speaking a foreign language, using the right words in the proper context, as well as talking and responding to a local like a native speaker, you might need to consult online tutors like, do more research and commit to a daily practice.

Online Courses

If you want to learn a new language, selecting the right language instructor is a key factor, which will determine your success level. Getting incorrect instructions from a random person who offers to teach you a foreign language may only create a long-lasting issue, de-motivating you from learning a new language.

Experience, love for languages and passion for teaching are the characteristics your instructor should possess. Most online courses offer customized learning plans for their students. To enjoy and get the most out of your language learning process, ask your tutor to teach the content that interests and engages you. For example, if your course has a lesson on regional accents you aren’t interested in, ask them to skip this part.

To save time and energy and to learn a language faster, always record your conversation with your teacher. It’s pointless to force your brain to remember the sayings and similes used when you could just record the conversation and replay it later.

Language Apps

There are many language apps that you can use, especially if you want to learn from home. A good language app can help you develop proper grammar, build your vocabulary and eventually become a proficient to fluent speaker.

Language learning apps are less expensive compared to a formal class setting. Most of them have speech recognition features that are keys to ensuring you pronounce the words correctly. These language apps offer several language options, just in case you want to learn several languages.

Preparation for a Safe Travel During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Most people worldwide have been locked down or have had their travel restricted throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. But now, with vaccinations on the rise, some people are starting to plan for their next vacation. Many states are discouraging their citizens from traveling abroad. Instead, they're encouraging them to visit their local tourist sites, which may have fewer travel restrictions.

Preparing for a trip right now requires a lot of planning about where to travel, how to get there, what to do before you leave and when you get there, and, of course, what safety precautions you must take to protect yourself against the virus. Here are some points you need to consider:

Your Dream Destination

The first thing to consider is the flexibility and restrictions in your destination. You should ensure that your dream travel destination isn't a COVID-19 hotspot. If a specific location hasn't recovered from the spike of COVID-19 cases yet, you should probably look for another. Be flexible when considering your dream destinations and ensure that you have backup plans just in case one doesn't work out.

Your Itinerary

Flexibility is important when planning your travel itinerary. Don't just settle for plan A; make sure you have plans B and C as well. For instance, you want to go beach hopping, but then upon getting there, you discover that the beaches will be closed because of issues related to the virus. To avoid further disappointment, it's good to anticipate circumstances like these, especially because the world is still dealing with the pandemic.

However, there should be other activities that you can do once you get there. Research all the activities you can experience in your destination so you'll still make the most of your vacation in case something unexpected comes up.

Safety Precautions Against COVID-19

You shouldn't leave for your vacation if you're not well. Even if your symptoms aren't related to COVID-19, you might be denied during on-boarding if your illness is detected at screening points when crossing the borders. Here are some more safety tips:

  • Avoid crowded places.
  • Always wear a mask.
  • Know what your travel insurance covers. It's good to note that many medical insurance plans have changed their coverages, especially for COVID-19-related complications. In you have any medical concerns, talk with your health-care provider during the planning stage.

Planning a vacation from work or school can be beneficial for your well-being. But whether you're planning to travel abroad or locally, you must prepare for your trip. If you don't put things in order, you can end up facing serious challenges that could ruin your adventure. The above tips will help you to plan well and have a good experience – even during a pandemic.

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Donna John
I am so ready to go somewhere. Anywhere. Great tips here.
Elisa Schmitz
I think we're all excited about the travel possibilities when it's safe to venture far away from home again. This is a very helpful article. Thanks for covering all the bases as we plan our next adventures!
Mike Prochaska
Truth. If your flexable u can even travel now and find some good deals. Never seen such cheap flights. They startiint to go up now. Been to Florida twice, Wisconsin Dells, galena, Dubuque has one of the few remaining holidomes. We swam and played in pool room for entire weekend.
Mike Prochaska
This summer we going to Ohio and Hershey pa so kids can get two more states in. And a trip to lakeside Michigan to play in the ocean.
There are some really good travel deals right now but you have to be so careful even if you’re vaccinated. Wear your masks, socially distance, wash hands, etc!!! ✈️ Mike Prochaska Donna John Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Mike Prochaska
Yes of course have be careful and be smart. You are correct abs wear your mask when needed!
Dreaming of a getaway... 🙏🏼
I think wilderness and outside type vacations are going to be the thing. No so much cramped hotels or busy museums, etc. People want wide open spaces!
Jeremy George Lake Charles
We hope to be able to travel safely and fun soon! Thanks x share

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