International Sloth Day: 4 Things We Can Learn From a Sloth That Benefits Our Mental Health by Nicole DeAvilla

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3 years ago

International Sloth Day: 4 Things We Can Learn From a Sloth That Benefits Our Mental Health

Just before the coronavirus pandemic hit, my family had a magical vacation in Panama. My daughter, Raquel Whiting, was keen to see a sloth.

We were on the last leg of our journey and our driver was showing us the trees where the sloths were likely to be spotted. Finally, we saw one on the road. He stopped – the locals will move sloths off the road so that they will not be hit by a car. Alas, it was too late. This one had been hit.

Saddened, we continued on our journey. We were dropped off at the water taxi and took an overloaded boat to Bocas Del Toro, then met up with our hosts who took us on another boat ride to Dolphin Bay Hideaway Retreat.

Once settled in our rooms, we came out to the shared veranda. My daughter’s wish came true in the biggest way imaginable: in two laundry hampers were two orphaned sloth babies in need of lots of love and attention!

We learned from the sloths and had lots of fun. I am happy to announce today is the beginning of Sloth Saturday, a time to:

  1. Take a slow moment to reflect on what’s important. 
  2. Learn how to slow down to get more things done.
  3. Feel physically and mentally more fit.
  4. Enjoy the humor and fun of sloth philosophy!

Let's learn from our sloth friends. Slow down and enjoy life. 

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Donna John
What a wonderful experience for you and your daughter!! Love this. Nicole DeAvilla Raquel Whiting
Nicole DeAvilla
It really was special! Can't wait to share more.
Debbie Howard
Love this - slowing down is imperative!
Elisa Schmitz
Wow, Nicole DeAvilla , what a great story! And, a wonderful message. I love the idea of "Sloth Saturday" and look forward to more tips from you on how to make it happen. We all need to catch our breath and remember what's important, thank you!
Nicole DeAvilla
Thanks Elisa! Yes, more to come. :)

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