​Planning Road Trips: 7 Must-Haves You Need Before You Leave by 30Seconds Travel

​Planning Road Trips: 7 Must-Haves You Need Before You Leave

Nearly 100 million Americans will take a family vacation this year, and more than half of traveling families will pack their cars for a road trip, according to AAA. A successful road trip takes planning and preparation. If you fail to plan well, your fun road trip might turn messy. It's necessary to have a list of the essentials you will need to make your trip go smoother and be more enjoyable. Here are some of the road trip must-haves you need to gather before you leave on your grand tour:

1. A Driver's Valid License

A valid license is one of the essentials you will need as soon as you hit the road. Don't forget to renew your license on time. It is always good to check if your license is expired or not. If it is outdated, make sure you replace it before your road trip.

2. Special Child Gear

If you have children, there are some things to keep in mind. For example, don't forget the baby seat, baby monitor, warm clothes, etc. Check that you have everything you will need when you are in the car and out of the car for your kids. When you get out of the car, you will need your lightweight strollers for pushing your child around. Forgetting this simple essential could create challenges on the road, especially when you want to enjoy your stay out of the car while you grab food or a drink somewhere along the trip route.

3. Rental Car Insurance

Typically, you have a car before you go on a road trip. Most of the time, people use their cars to drive to their destination. However, a growing population of city dwellers prefers renting vehicles for road trips. This is because car rentals are convenient and can save money. Some people seek to forego rental car insurance, forgetting that it is the most critical thing you need for a road trip. It is recommended to have rental car insurance to avoid experiencing financial nightmares during your trip.

4. Extra Cash

It is a culture thing to use bank cards when making transactions because they are convenient. However, some places lack ATMs, and this means you may want to use cash that you can’t access. To avoid going through this problem, it is always good to carry some money with you. Although you do not need a lot of money in cash if you have credit or debit cards, take a few hundred in cash just in case you need it at some point on your trip.

5. An Emergency Kit

It is vital to have an emergency kit when hitting the road. Accidents happen all the time and no matter how minor it may be, an accident can be fatal without first aid. From minor accidents entailing a hurt leg to tragic incidents, you should always be prepared for the worst. Therefore, it's key to have an emergency kit ready in the car.

An emergency kit should have hydrogen peroxide, flashlight, bandages for dressing small cuts and serious ones, gloves, road flares, candles and matches. You can add anything else you feel is a necessity for your family.

6. Drinks and Snacks

Having a cooler filled with drinks and snacks is an essential. It helps to keep stops at a minimum, and it makes your trip go smoother. Cold drinks and snacks will keep chats in the car enjoyable. A road trip is fun, but do not pack alcohol with you. If you must take alcohol, wait until you arrive at your destination to enjoy your beer. Drinking alcohol while driving is a no-no that may lead to recklessness and result in fatal accidents.

7. Electronic Gadgets and Books

It's a good idea to have electronic gadgets like chargers, batteries and tablets with you. This is especially important if you are with kids. Tech gadgets with games and movies will help pass the time. However, make sure you have rules on when it's OK to play games and when it's not to avoid conflicts during the journey.

Road trips can be exciting if you prepare in advance. Make sure all the essentials you need are in place before you leave. And don't forget to pack a positive attitude for your adventure. It's good to visit places and enjoy life – we only live once.

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Elisa Schmitz
Great road trip planning suggestions! What would we do without those lightweight strollers and portable baby/toddler gear? Not to mention the backseat electronics. Parent sanity savers, for sure. Thanks for the helpful tips!
Dieter Schmitz
Drinks & snacks are key ... plus a mix of great travel products to keep the kids (and parents) all chill.
Good point about the cash! We’re so used to using plastic that this could get overlooked. Great road trip tip, thanks! 🚘
Yes yes yes! Let’s go...
With so many grandparents raising their grandkids these days, how about ideas for them? Thank you.
Don't forget sunglasses :D
Nan Chul Shin
Planning a road trip is always a great idea. Can't wait for my next road trip!

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