Expecting a Baby & Coronavirus: 5 Tips to Help Protect Your Pregnancy During the COVID-19 Pandemic by Dr. Alan Lindemann

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3 years ago

Expecting a Baby & Coronavirus: 5 Tips to Help Protect Your Pregnancy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Being pregnant anytime can be stressful, but more so during the coronavirus pandemic. Here some five tips for moms-to-be to help them stay as healthy as possible:

  1. Get a pulse oximeter: Hypoxemia (a below-normal level of oxygen in your blood) is one of the signs of serious illness with COVID-19. You can pick up a pulse oximeter for around $50 and take regular readings of your pulse and oxygen saturation. Get a baseline so that you know if something looks off. A baseline for healthy people is 90 or higher. When we see below 90, we start getting concerned.
  2. Check for fever: Whether you have a fancy new touchless thermometer that reads from the forehead or an old-school glass thermometer where the mercury rises, take your temperature regularly to make sure you aren’t experiencing a fever.
  3. Keep surfaces tidy for easy cleaning: Keeping tidy may not seem like a health tip for pregnancy, but in the days of COVID-19 it absolutely is. You want the surfaces in your home to be able to easily be wiped down and disinfected, frequently  at least once a day.
  4. If you choose to travel, choose safely: For example, you might choose to visit a loved one in a remote rural town with few to no COVID-19 cases, but don’t travel somewhere that you’ll be interacting with a lot of people.
  5. Keep your distance: How close is too close? Can you smell the other person’s detergent, deodorant or shampoo? That’s too close! And for some extra protection when you are going to be around other people, wear a face mask. It’s an additional safety measure that can only help you and your baby.

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Amazing info for expectant parents!
Elisa Schmitz
I am so nervous for all the pregnant moms out there right now. Stay safe, ladies. Thanks for the helpful insights, Dr. Alan Lindemann !
Amie Taylor
I like your blog. Every pregnancy lady should be maintain social distance and wearing a musk. Always should keep a pulse oximeter to measure the oxygen deficiency in your blood.

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