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Pregnancy Week 14: Fetal Development, Round Ligament Pain & Maternity Clothes

About Baby

Has your baby morphed into an old man this week? He can frown, pee, grimace and even squint now! Making facial expressions is just one new feat – Baby is also growing lanugo, unpigmented hair that covers the body, the liver has started making bile and the spleen is producing red blood cells. Your baby also has a roof to his mouth now, an active digestive system and meconium – the substance forming the first feces of a newborn – which is being produced by the intestines. Baby is the size of a large lemon (cue sour expression) and weights 1 1/2 ounces. Though not detectable to you yet, Baby is moving all the time now. It’s a dance party!

Photo: Fetus at week 14 of development

About Mom

Most moms think the second trimester rocks! One of the most exciting things – besides that second-trimester burst of energy – is that you may be starting to show. It’s real – and now you have visible evidence of it! If you haven’t already told the world, it may be harder to hide it now (unless you have a closet full of loose T-shirts). Enjoy this time. Maybe consider starting a pregnancy journal and taking photos each week of your growing belly. It’ll be a fun keepsake and something to share with your son or daughter one day.

While many pregnancy symptoms are going out, a new one may come into play: round ligament pain. Some women feel aches and pains on one or both sides of the abdomen because of the uterus growing. This happens when ligaments that run from your groin up to the abdomen start to stretch because of weight gain. When they’re pulled … ouch! … it can be uncomfortable for many moms-to-be. Try to put your feet up as much as possible to help ease the discomfort. Here are a few other ways to help relieve the discomfort of round ligament pain:

  • Ask your doctor what over-the-counter pain relief is OK for you to take.
  • While exercise can cause the round ligament pain, it is important for you to exercise to keep your stomach muscles strong. Prenatal yoga and gentle stretches are good options, but always consult your doctor first.
  • Apply heat with a heating pad or take a warm (not hot!) bath.
  • Be aware of your posture and stand and sit up straight.
  • Consider investing in a maternity girdle to help relieve some of the pressure as your belly grows.
  • Get a massage.

Learn more about round ligament pain.

Maternity Clothes

Did you give up and just leave your zipper undone? Well, it may be time for a trip to the mall for maternity clothes! To keep your budge intact, select a few basic pieces that can all work together: 

  • Jeans: Invest in at least one good-quality pair of maternity jeans. The expanding waistband allows you to wear them until your baby makes her arrival – and even beyond during the postpartum period.
  • Leggings: Buy a couple neutral color pairs of maternity leggings. Leggings can be dressed up or down – and they s-t-r-e-t-c-h! What more needs to be said?
  • T-shirts: Comfy T-shirts match well with jeans and leggings. Get the basic colors and throw in a couple fun patterns.
  • LB(P)D: Find one maternity dress you really like for social events, holidays, etc. If you work in an office and have to dress up, you will need more, of course. But if you’re a yoga pants kind of gal, this is an area you could possibly skip altogether. Always in style is the little black (pregnancy) dress.

Fun Fact: If you’re a size 8 in jeans and always wish they made an 8 1/2 because 10 is too big (we all know the struggles), you’ll be happy to know that maternity jeans come small, medium, large and extra-large. That’s all she wrote.

Bump Talk

“I would love to design a maternity clothing line. It is hard to find stylish clothes for pregnant people … I would say 99 percent of the clothes I wore were not maternity because I couldn’t find anything I liked.” – Kourtney Kardashian

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Elisa Schmitz
The second trimester does rock! And maternity clothes have come a long way. So fun!

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