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5 years ago

Ways to Bond With Your Unborn Baby: 4 Fun DIY Keepsake Activities to Help Mom-to-be Express Her Love

When you feel that first kick, you may have a strong desire to tell this person you haven’t even laid eyes on how much they mean to you. You don’t have to wait until your baby is born to express those feelings! Start now, Mom-to-be. Here are some fun ways to get those emotions out and make something your child will cherish when they are older.

  • Write Letters to Baby: Sit down and put all your hopes and dreams for Baby into a series of letters. Hand write the letters, seal them and write your little one’s name on the envelope (if you haven’t decided on a baby name yet, be generic, like “My Precious Baby”). Save the letters in a wooden or photo box and present them to your child sometime down the road.
  • Email Your Baby: What? Sounds crazy, but it’s a modern way to share your thoughts with your child when he’s old enough to log on and check his email (it’ll get here sooner than you think!). Simply open an email account for your baby and fill up his or her inbox with emails from you. Or, share the email address and let friends and family join in the fun. Baby, you’ve got mail!
  • Make a Photo Album: These days, not many people actually sit down and put printed photos into a photo album. It’s time to change that! Take photos of things, people and places that are special to you. Print them out and make a photo scrapbook to give to your child. (Don't forget to include pictures of your growing belly!) Buy an album that has an area for you to make notes and explain each picture. Don’t be surprised if this is something much treasured by your child and passed down to his or her own child one day!
  • Make a Video Library: Written words are fun, but can you imagine your baby one day watching videos from you? Each week (or whenever the mood strikes you) sit down, turn your phone, video cameratablet or computer on to video – and just talk! Talk about your hopes and dreams for them, how your're feeling or just share about the day you had. Nothing you say is wrong! Put the videos into a special folder on your computer or start a Facebook page for your baby and upload them there. If you're camera shy, make sure your Facebook page is private. 

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Elisa Schmitz
I love these ideas. I took a lot of belly photos, and that was so fun!

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