How to Predict Baby's Gender: 10 Ways to Tell If You're Having a Boy or Girl by Jessica Acree

How to Predict Baby's Gender: 10 Ways to Tell If You're Having a Boy or Girl

"Show me your hands."

"How fast was the heartbeat?"

"Oooo, you're carrying really low!"

When it comes to predicting the gender of your baby, everyone loves a good challenge. Some guesses are purely speculation; others are based on old wives' tales that have been around for decades. They're not proven scientific methods, but can lead to some fun conversation about your fate as a parent-to-be. 

Of course, if you want to know with the most certainty, hold out for the 20-week ultrasound or, better yet, ask your doctor about scheduling a cell-free fetal DNA blood testIf you're just up for a fun experiment, try these other seven ideas:

  • Heart Rate: Make a note of the baby's heart rate during each ultrasound. If it's trending above 140 to 145 beats per minute it could be a girl. If it's below that line, your little one might be a boy.
  • Chinese Gender Prediction Chart: This one is easy enough. You just need to input your age at the time of conception and the month of your due date. I checked mine while writing this article and it was accurate, so who knows!
  • Belly Talk: Your baby bump probably changes daily for many reasons, but give it a critical look. Some say if you're carrying "high" get ready for pink. If you're carrying "low" bring on the blue.
  • Pregnancy Cravings: If you keep reaching for sweets, it could be a girl trying to steal your heart. If you'd rather have protein or salty snacks, boy oh boy you better get ready!
  • The Hand Trick: My husband swore by this one and his Vegas odds looked good. He'd say, "Show me your hands!" without any warning. If the mom-to-be held her hands out with palms facing DOWN, he'd predict she was having a boy. If she instinctively held her hands out facing UP, he'd say girl!
  • Complexion: People often talk about the "pregnancy glow" and I sincerely hope every pregnant woman receives that lovely compliment! But as far as predictions go, some will say if your skin stays clear, you're having a boy. If you breakout and struggle with prenatal acne, it's a girl messing with your hormones.
  • The Ring Swing: Take off your wedding ring (it might not fit right now anyway). Dangle it from a string over your belly. If it swings in a circle, you might expect a girl. If it sways side to side in a straight line, it could be a boy. This one is easy to rig if you're hoping for one or the other.

There are even more if you can believe it, but we'll stop there. Just keep in mind that childbirth is the only true proof.

What methods rang true for you!?

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Elisa Schmitz
OMG, so true! This is wonderful, Jessica Acree . I was carrying low and I had a boy. With the twins, I was carrying ALL OVER, LOL! :-D
Awesome ideas. 🙏🏼
Jahanara Akter
Great article, my pleasure to learn something from your post.
Jacqueline Nagle
Hahaha, some of them are really fun but true as well.

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