On-the-Go Snacking: 5 Healthy Snacks Pregnant Moms Can Pack in Their Purse! by Meredith Schneider

Eating for Two
5 years ago

On-the-Go Snacking: 5 Healthy Snacks Pregnant Moms Can Pack in Their Purse!

No matter if this is your first pregnancy or fourth, you need to be prepared with a variety of healthy snacks when on the go. It may be to fix a craving or to help with nausea. Either way, getting into the habit of taking care of yourself while your little one is growing in your belly sets you up for success after your baby arrives. How? A pattern of healthy snacking gets you on track to shed the baby weight after delivery in a healthy way.  

Not sure what is a healthy snack during pregnancy? Here are five good-for-you snacks you can pack in your purse. Or if this isn't your first pregnancy, you can easily pack these snacks in your diaper bag. Snack away the healthy way and always listen to your body!

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Donna John
Love your suggestions, Meredith Schneider ! And don't forget to toss an apple, mandarin, banana or other piece of fruit in your purse, too!
Meredith Schneider
Yes Donna John, don't forget fresh fruit! The funny thing is, I was gonna add that but I have had so many failures with fresh fruit. I forget about it and ends up squished in my bag. Nothing worse than a brown nasty banana at the bottom of a purse or diaper bag. YUCK! LOL!
Donna John
Yes, I've reached my hand in my purse and squished a nasty, green Cutie before. Nothing cute about that! lol
Elisa Schmitz
YES to all, but mostly to pretzels. What is it about those salty, crispy treats that I couldn't get enough of during pregnancy (and beyond)?! Thanks for the great suggestions, Meredith Schneider !
Meredith Schneider
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds, I know right! Pretzels are still my go to snack for something salty & crunchy and/or if my stomach feels off.

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