Winter Is Here: 25 Baby Names Any "Game of Thrones" Fan Will Love! by Donna John

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7 years ago

Winter Is Here: 25 Baby Names Any "Game of Thrones" Fan Will Love!

Dream of flying on a dragon over your loyal followers or guarding the castle wall from thousands of undead? If these aren’t wild, pregnancy-related dreams but because you're obsessed with HBO's "Game of Thrones," one of these baby names may be for you!

  1. Eddard: He made his exit off the show in season one, but for many Eddard (Ned) was the first character they loved. Little Ed or Ned will love the story behind his name one day.
  2. Brienne: Not happy with what society says she should be, Brienne of Tarth is forging her own path in life, which any parent would wish for their child. Think Brie for a girl and Brien for a boy. 
  3. Melisandre: Often referred to as The Red Woman, Melisandre is a variation of the name Millicent. But also consider Melisa for a girl or Andre for a boy to honor the priestess from Asshai. 
  4. Margaery: No one will bat an eye when you call out "Margaery” at the playground. Only you will know the unique spelling honors Queen Margaery, granddaughter of Lady Olenna Tyrell.
  5. Sansa: The once docile daughter of Ned and Catherine Stark, she’s turning into a force to be reckoned with, and carries an elegant name for any little girl.
  6. Arya: This Stark daughter is a little wacky, but the name flows off your tongue. The actress who plays her is Maisie Williams, another cute name for a girl.
  7. Bran: Another Stark sibling, Bran is a unisex name perfect for not only GOT fans, but if fiber is your thing. 
  8. Tyrion: Tyrion Lannister is witty, intelligent, educated, a survivor and a dwarf. Enough said. Call your little one Ty for short.
  9. Jon: Why does the most popular character to many – Jon Snow – have such a common name? If you’re a fan and are looking for a traditional baby name, you're in luck with this one.
  10. Daenerys: Queen Daenerys Targaryen may be sitting on the Iron Throne one day. A name that would definitely get attention, consider unisex Dany for short. Pronounced “Duh-NAIR-iss.”

Thinking of a name beyond the cast? How about Ramin to show some love for the composer of the "Game of Thrones" score, Ramin Djawadi? And the writer of the drama, George Raymond Richard Martin (George R.R. Martin) offers parents-to-be four options – George, Raymond, Richard or Martin.

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