Go Green This Valentine's Day: 3 Benefits of Giving a Living Plant to Your Loved Ones (Kids, Too!) by Ali Mathis

4 years ago

Go Green This Valentine's Day: 3 Benefits of Giving a Living Plant to Your Loved Ones (Kids, Too!)

This Valentine's Day, give your loved one a living plant instead of cut flowers. Here are a few benefits:

  • Adding plants to a room is good for your health. They increase the oxygen level and purify the air around you by reducing toxin levels.
  • Plants reduce your carbon footprint by literally removing carbon dioxide from the environment.
  • Plants are a great way to teach young children about responsibility. Kids can participate in watering and caring for the plants.

Why not include a houseplant care book and houseplant fertilizer with your plant of choice? And if your loved one just doesn't have a green thumb, consider an easy-to-grow air plant.

What's your favorite houseplant? Tell us below.

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Tiffany Zook
Another great valentine idea....
Mike Prochaska
I love plants! But I never can keep them
Alive! Always over or underwater them. But we always have them in the house.
Donna John
My favorite houseplant right now is the ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia). I have two, and put one outside on the back porch during the summer. They grow so well and can take neglect if you forget to water them for a while. I love plants in the house, and have quite a few. I'm fine with anyone giving me a houseplant for Valentine's Day! :-) Ali Mathis

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