Holiday Spending: 8 Ways to Get In the Flow of “Happy” Money This Christmas by Ken Honda

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4 months ago

Holiday Spending: 8 Ways to Get In the Flow of “Happy” Money This Christmas

The holidays are fast approaching, and that means spending money – but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! There are two types of money: "Happy Money" and "Unhappy Money." The difference is in the energy, and you are responsible for the energetic charge! All money circulated with love, care and friendship is Happy Money, which makes the holidays the perfect time to create a "happy" flow of money!

Here are eight ways to get in the flow of "happy" money this holiday season:

1. Donate money to charity: You don’t have to send a fortune; just a dollar can make a difference and make you feel good. Donating money to charity sends your brain and all the energy around you the message that you have more than enough. You have abundance, so you don’t have to be afraid.

2. Give money to your loved ones: The money given to your loved ones is always Happy Money. I have given money to people close to me who wanted to pursue their dreams, and you can feel when your money serves them and supports their lives. And there is no better feeling.

3. Give something extra: When someone comes to you and asks for something, respond by giving more than they asked for. If someone asks to borrow a pen from you, give them a notebook, too. Giving extra in these situations leaves people feeling like they are cared for and loved.

4. Pay more than you are asked: When I get a bill, I sometimes pay a little more than I was asked to show my appreciation. This surprises a lot of people. People are not used to getting paid more. I find it fun to pay more simply to see their reactions!

5. Send a gift or card to your clients or your boss: We often forget how miraculous it is to keep getting money from clients or bosses. They could choose other people to give money to, but they found you and chose you. Send your deepest appreciation with a card or a gift.

6. Rejoice when you receive money: Most of us have been taught to repress our feelings. So please show your happy feeling whenever you receive money. If you show you are enjoying the money, people who gave it to you feel like doing it again to please you. It is fun to see a happy face.

7. Pray for happiness when you spend money: Whenever I spend my money, I whisper in my mind, “May this money bless you and your loved ones.” Whenever you spend money, always bless the person or the company. Without your saying anything, people can feel the warm and loving energy that you carry.

8. Buy from someone you like: When we have bought something from someone we like, even though we know we can get a better price somewhere else, we are keeping someone we like in business. We are keeping someone else happy and in their flow. Buy from your favorite person. You will feel much better afterward.

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Always such good advice.
Elisa Schmitz
I absolutely love these insights, Ken Honda . I try to spend my money with causes I care about, which makes me feel good. Such as small business owners, women- or under-represented groups, etc. Happy Money, for sure. Thank you for all you share with us!
Tim Han
Very Informative Stuff Ken

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