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5 months ago

Embracing Your Body After Pregnancy: How to Dress Your Postpartum Body

Dressing your postpartum body may be more challenging than dressing during pregnancy. While it’s fun to embrace a visible baby bump when pregnant, knowing how to dress your body after delivery can be daunting. The fourth trimester, which begins immediately after delivery, may be the hardest.

Figuring out how to dress comfortably with your new body is difficult, especially when every piece of cloth fits and feels different. However, your dressing decisions should be anchored in ensuring that you feel comfortable and stylish. While you may opt to wear your designer pieces from Dihsan.com, here are a few tips for dressing your postpartum body:

1. Nursing-Friendly Tops

Nursing-friendly tops are a must-have for breastfeeding mothers. Fortunately, there is a wide array of nursing-friendly top options you can choose from. Flowy tops are a popular choice for most mothers. If you are breastfeeding or pumping for your newborn, flowy tops are a great option as they are easily accessible. Choose tops with prints, as they can conceal last-minute spills.

Button-ups are another excellent top option for nursing mothers. They are soft and loose. Short-sleeve button-ups also make it easy to layer with other styling options. You should also find comfortable and perfectly fitting blazers or jackets. They are a finishing touch that adds sophistication.

2. Embrace Mom Jeans

The thought of wearing jeans might sound crazy, but high-waist jeans and denim are your best friends during the postpartum period as they keep your belly secure and tucked in. If you can’t fit into your old jeans, you can buy less-expensive options that are a few sizes up to ease the transition.

3. Stretchy Pants

If jeans and denim options aren’t your style, stretchy pants are a great alternative. Like nursing-friendly tops, you have plenty of stretchy pant options to choose from. Most mothers prefer joggers for their fancy feel. They will keep you as comfortable as you would be in pajamas while ensuring you look put together.

Similarly, supportive leggings are a postpartum mother’s best friend. High-waist leggings pull everything in and support your healing belly. Pair your black leggings with loose button-ups or flowy tunic tops. Biker shorts are also perfect stretchy pants and a summer version of leggings. They are very comfortable and give a casual look.

4. Nursing Nighties

Nursing nighties are an important part of your postpartum wardrobe. You should choose the right nighties that adjust to the ever-changing needs of your newborn. Ideally, you should choose flowy and easily accessible tops to ease feeding your baby at night.

With hormones still on overdrive after delivery, your body temperature may keep fluctuating. Therefore, you should choose materials that can adapt to constant temperature changes. Light and breathable cotton clothes are a good option as they naturally regulate body temperatures. They won’t irritate your skin and are gentle enough for your newborn’s delicate skin.

Embracing your body postpartum is certainly challenging. Your body is recovering from the pregnancy and adjusting to the new normal of being a mother. Apart from healthy food and rest, you should choose the right nursing clothes. Your clothing should be comfortable and make it easy to nurse your newborn.

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Elisa Schmitz
As a new mom, dressing for the new normal during the fourth trimester (and beyond) was challenging. I appreciate these great tips to help new mothers and breastfeeding moms, too!
Donna John
All I wanted to wear was stretchy pants and my maternity jeans. Don't toss those just because you had the baby! They're comfortable while you heal, especially if you're had a c-section.
Hey, I’m STILL wearing my stretchy pants! 😂

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