Live Your Best Life: 8 Simple Ways to Be a Kinder Person Every Day by Hayden Vonbargen

Live Your Best Life: 8 Simple Ways to Be a Kinder Person Every Day

One of the best things a person can be is kind. Running into a rude person can quickly dampen someone’s spirits, while small kind interactions can brighten an otherwise bad day.

With this in mind, here are eight ways you can be a kinder person every day:

1. Make Small Connections

A great way to show kindness is to make small connections with the people you encounter daily. Friendly exchanges with cashiers, coworkers and others you interact with can help spread kindness and show you care.

2. Notice the Small Things

Be aware of the things people around you do and recognize their efforts, even when it’s small. If you see someone pick up some trash, show your appreciation.

3. Smile Often

Even something as simple as smiling can be a great way to show kindness. In the busyness of your day, you might not have the opportunity to make meaningful connections with everyone you meet. However, just smiling and putting on a friendly face can be a great way to be kind.

4. Be Positive

Positivity is another great way to be kind. If you are prone to complaining and negativity, try to find a positive spin on your situation. When other people are down, bring a positive perspective and share encouragement.

5. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is a great practice and can help you be kinder to yourself and others. Take time to be aware of the good things in your life and thank the people that help make those things possible.

6. Forgive Graciously

Additionally, be willing to show forgiveness to people who wrong you. Holding grudges is not kind, so practice the art of letting go and moving on. While boundaries are essential, forgiveness helps foster more positive interactions.

7. Listen Well

Another simple way to be kind is simply to be a good listener. People love to feel heard, so take the time to listen to others and demonstrate that you value what they say. Talking over people or offering unwanted advice doesn’t usually come across well.

8. Be a Helper

Finally, just be willing to help. If you see someone struggling with a heavy package, offer some extra hands. If a neighbor struggles to keep up with yardwork, offer your time. Being helpful is an excellent way to be a kinder person.

Kindness is a critical part of a  healthy community. With these eight ways to be kinder daily, you can help spread positivity and joy to the people around you.

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Donna John
Love this! Hope to see more tips from you, Hayden Vonbargen !
Elisa Schmitz
All of this is so true! Kindness, gratitude, forgiveness, listening. All of this is key to a happier life for all of us. 🙏🏼

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