9/11 Letters: Honoring the Future & Families Remembered On the 20th Anniversary of September 11 by Feel Better Bear

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2 years ago

9/11 Letters: Honoring the Future & Families Remembered On the 20th Anniversary of September 11

What matters most to you? Have you taken the deep breath, in a quiet space, to consider the values, the desires, the bounty, the challenges – the things that matter most? It's a great question to help find balance and meaning in your daily life.

It has been said to me that my Feel Better Bears are my mission. That through this creation I help thousands of women and families of all ages feel better. I never really thought about "mission" until a Pentecostal reverend shared with me her insight that sharing kindnessempathy, healing and comfort through the providing of therapeutic teddy bears was mine.

It becomes more apparent every day that this observation rings true.

Please watch this video, Honor and the Path Forward: 9-11 FDNY Families Remembered, triggered by my mission. The video is a tribute – in their own words – to selfless, courageous heroes committed to their mission to save lives! This short film tells the story of the incredible resilience, love, courage and grace of the families who lost a brave father, mother, sibling, friend, and through the pain of loss share that grace with others. This is a reminder of how to do so not only in times of incredible, indescribable grief and challenge, but as a light on how we all may do so when faced with tragedy.

May this video bring you renewed perspective on things that matter most. The password to view the video is Mark.

God bless our first responders, the FDNY, and our military volunteers on this 20th anniversary of 9-11. Never forget and take care of each other!

Click here to watch this inspiring video. The password to view the video is Mark. 

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I have goosebumps. Thank you. 🙏🏼
Elisa Schmitz
This is truly wonderful, Feel Better Bear . I am grateful for your mission, and that you share it with us. Your bears are truly soothing and comforting and healing. Thank you for sharing them as you do, and for everything you do to make a difference. Donna John
Feel Better Bear
Thank you Elisa & Donna John!!! God Bless you and your awesome spirits! It will be, as it always is.. a difficult painful day tomorrow but we can get great comfort from knowing that our First Responders will never give up or forget!!!
Thank you for doing this. Never forget.
Feel Better Bear
Thank you Cassidy! I am grateful to share!

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