Editor’s Letter: How to Make "Not So Good Days" Not So Bad (Plus What’s Trending On 30Seconds This Week) by Elisa Schmitz

Editor’s Letter: How to Make "Not So Good Days" Not So Bad (Plus What’s Trending On 30Seconds This Week)

When you have health issues or chronic conditions, you have good days and not so good days. While on many days I am doing well, there are many other days that I struggle with underlying health issues. For nearly a decade, I’ve been battling a rare autoimmune disease as well as dysautonomia and a host of other related health conditions that affect my life. Some days, it’s things like migraines, joint pain or severe allergic reactions. Other days, it’s shooting and tingling pain throughout my body or wild, unrelenting swings in my heart rate and blood pressure that land me in the hospital.

Today is a not so good day, but I won't let that derail me. When I have a down day like this, I don't sit back and wait for inspiration. I look for ways to inspire myself. Remembering moments from good days is a great way to find inspiration. Today, I’m remembering time spent with my son and daughter a few weeks ago. We walked the beach, skipped stones and laughed. My daughter and I got our hair done together. I snapped these photos then because that was a good day.

Today, those memories are making this not so good day not so bad after all.

Another thing that helps on down days is gratitude. Through the pain, I count my blessings: my husband who’s at my side for every breath; my family who tries their best to be supportive; friends who have literally helped to keep me alive at particularly dire times; my work, colleagues and community, that give me a sense of purpose to inspire and be inspired; God and this great universe, who I stay connected to and rely upon to get through it all.

What makes "not so good days" not so bad for you? Please share!

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Totally agree. When I feel down, I do things that are good for me like take a walk or meditate. 🙏🏼
Elisa Schmitz
I also love to walk and meditate and I add in breathing exercises, which really help. Reading is another thing that shifts the focus. Oh, and listening to music. Thank you for sharing, bepositive !
I deal with a lot of health stuff too, so I appreciate you opening up about this. Not so easy to talk about.
When you inspire yourself, you inspire others as well. 🔥

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