​Ready to Tap In to Spiritual Guidance? Remove These 3 Obstacles That May Be Blocking You by Diana Cole

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2 years ago

​Ready to Tap In to Spiritual Guidance? Remove These 3 Obstacles That May Be Blocking You

I talk with my spirit guides as part of my daily life, allowing their guidance to help me navigate life’s ups and downs – and you can, too! We all have spiritual guidance available to us, but most of us are unknowingly blocking ourselves from receiving it. Here are three ways you may be blocking your spiritual guidance from coming through and what to do about it:

1. Fearing What You’ll Find

People are often afraid to begin dialoging directly with spirit because they’re afraid of the emotions they might feel – as if going that deep will be like opening Pandora’s box. We’re taught to believe that more emotion equals more pain, but the opposite is actually true.

What to do about it: Acknowledging and allowing our feelings, letting them move through us, leads to less pain. Emotions are the language of the soul. If we welcome them, we can’t go wrong. Even emotions that arise from traumatic memories can be useful and can bring a more complex understanding of ourselves and others.

2. Doing the Avoidance Dance

It’s clear in our world that many of us avoid the full depth and breadth of our emotional selves. We have too many responsibilities, too many tasks, too many people needing our time and attention, too many hours already committed to other things to spend any time delving into our emotions – right? Plus, what about the fun we would rather be having?! The main issue is that fear is often at the root of our avoidance. Over time, this avoidance morphs into the repetitive patterns of pain that we see all around us and sometimes in our own lives.

What to do about it: This does not need to be looked at as bad news, or as evidence that we are as flawed as we secretly feared. The repetitive patterns of pain we encounter can also be viewed as a signal that, at a deep soul level, we are seeking healing. We are seeking the freedom to move forward with our lives – freedom to grow, to succeed, to enjoy life. The patterns of pain give us clues about the lessons that we are here to learn for our own growth.

3. Telling Yourself to “Get Over” Your Pain

When we blame and punish ourselves for “not getting over it already,” we miss out on opportunities for healing and growth.

What to do about it: Stop trying to push down your emotions in an attempt to move forward in a forced way. Trying to cover up our true feelings with a veneer of “happiness” or “optimism” or another emotion we do not truly feel simply exacerbates the repeating cycles of pain. Instead, simply be aware of this tendency. Believe it or not, that awareness is often all that is required as you begin to establish communication with your spirit team.

You don’t need to exert effort in any way in order to change. Awareness can be the doorway to self-compassion and self-understanding, and it can loosen the hold that fear may have on the full range of your emotions.

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