How to Get Motivated: 10 Easy Ways to Pull Yourself Out of a Rut & Get on the Path to Success by Charlene Torkelson

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2 years ago

How to Get Motivated: 10 Easy Ways to Pull Yourself Out of a Rut & Get on the Path to Success

Recently I taught a class on motivation. I spoke to a group of writers trying to deal with “writer’s block,” but as I presented my list of 20 points, I realized the list was not just for writers, but for everyone.

We all have “writer’s block,” only it might be in our careers, our financial situations, our parenting or our personal relationships. So, I thought I would share a few key points of the class:

  1. Set goals. I recommended setting two long-term and three short-term goals in the following generic areas: environmental, spiritual, education, career, financial, health/fitness, recreation/hobbies, relationships/family. 
  2. Set deadlines for your goals. Or maybe deadlines to start your goals. 
  3. Recognize that we all have weaknesses as well as strengths. Make a list of your weaknesses on one side of the page and a list of your strengths on the other side. We all feel we need to work on weaknesses, but maybe what we should be doing is emphasize our strengths as well. Play up what you do best!
  4. Be willing to change and rework your goals and deadlines. Things change! They aren’t set in stone. 
  5. Be aware of what triggers your bad moods. Also determine what triggers your positive moods. I know for me, a car or computer problem always spoils my day. What can I do to change the circumstances so my day is not ruined? Chocolate? 
  6. Realize we all need rest and relaxation. What do you do to take a break? Take a walk, a staycation, a massage or a glass of wine with a friend? Refresh yourself.
  7. Make your environment – workspace – more comfortable. More workable. 
  8. When are you your most productive? I am a morning person, but not all people are even functioning in the morning. Work your schedule around your best times and not your worst. 
  9. Find upbeat people to hang out with. Who inspires you and who brings you down? Choose better people and watch your successes improve. Receive inspiration as well as give inspiration. 
  10. When you make a crucial decision, wait a day to review that decision. Each day our mind goes to a different place. As they say, “Tomorrow is a new day,” and it certainly is! Let important decisions settle before you finalize them. 

Maybe some of these points will get you through your “writer’s block” – even if you aren’t a writer.

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Donna John
Really great advice here, Charlene Torkelson ! I feel like I've been in a rut lately. Blaming covid.
Elisa Schmitz
I love this, Charlene Torkelson . This year has been so tough on all of us. Thank you for the great insights that can benefit everyone!
Great tips to get motivated. Thanks! ❤️❤️❤️
Gwen Johnson
Enjoyed this article very much. Charlene Torkelson
DAC Developments
Thanks for sharing this wonderful Article

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