The Daydreamer: A Poem About Turning Your Daydreams Into Reality & Being All That You Can Be by Marge Jesberger

3 years ago

The Daydreamer: A Poem About Turning Your Daydreams Into Reality & Being All That You Can Be

The Daydreamer

Keeping house is quite a bore
you’d rather be a matador. 

You’re sick of being the chief sock sorter
when you could be a news reporter. 

And once a week you scrub your floor, but
you’d rather be in Ecuador. 

Instead of washing underwear,
you could be your city’s mayor. 

Ironing is still a drudge
compared to being Supreme Court judge. 

Tired of waxing the front foyer?
You could become a top-notch lawyer. 

So now it’s time to tell your spouse
"Goodbye broom, hello White House!"

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Always good to dream! 💥
Elisa Schmitz
How lovely. You are a great writer, Marge Jesberger !
Michael Kennedy
Love this, thank you!
It all starts with a thought...

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