We All Eat Lies When Our Hearts Are Hungry: Making the Choice to Lie by Jessica Lawrence

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4 years ago

We All Eat Lies When Our Hearts Are Hungry: Making the Choice to Lie

Let me make one thing very clear: everyone lies. I know that is the case. My 8-year-old occasionally lies, but thankfully her guilty conscience makes it so she quickly tells the truth. She's in counseling currently, and her wonderful counselor told me it's very common for kids her age to figure out how to push their limits. So, lying and Gabby don't go well together.

However, I recently had an experience with someone who lied to me. I know he lied. He knows he lied. He won't admit it, however, for reasons unknown to me. I once saw a quote that resonated with me:

"We all eat lies when our hearts are hungry." (author unknown)

I've lied, many times. I always feel guilty when I lie, no matter how insignificant the lie is. We know lying is wrong, and we hide from the truth. We lie to cover our tracks and to hide the reality. We say things like, "I accidentally added you on Snapchat at 10 p.m. on a Saturday night," to try and cover up the fact that you were thinking about someone you shouldn't be thinking about. 

I suppose if you're hungry enough, you will believe the lie you tell.

If there is one thing I've learned in my 36 years on earth, it's that a web of lies is more hurtful than a truth bomb.

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Elisa Schmitz
What a powerful quote. And you're right about truth bombs hurting less than being lied to. So much food for thought here, Jessica Lawrence . Thank you, as always, for the great post. #truth
Preach. 👏🏻

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