Rock Grace Wine: Entrepreneur Anne Hulett's Crystal-Infused Wine Taps Into Wellness, Self-Care & Next Generation Drinking by Belinda Lichty Clarke

4 years ago

Rock Grace Wine: Entrepreneur Anne Hulett's Crystal-Infused Wine Taps Into Wellness, Self-Care & Next Generation Drinking

A new trend toward limiting alcohol intake or even straight-up sobriety is making news, and these new "sober-curious" consumers are helping drive a host of new products. One such innovation is Rock Grace, a new rose-inspired premium non-alcoholic beverage designed as a wine alternative. But there's more. According to founder/creator Anne Hulett, this new wine alternative also has beauty and wellness benefits. Rock Grace is infused with crystal energy, beauty enhancing botanicals and healing adaptogens that make you feel empowered and promote well-being. Hulett explains...

Q. What was your mission for creating Rock Grace? Where did you find the inspiration?

"My mission for creating Rock Grace was to inspire people to live their best life by creating a lifestyle they love. One of the things that was holding myself back from doing this was alcohol, yet I loved fine wine and the experience of social drinking. I had also discovered natural beauty and wellness remedies that really made me feel good and I wanted to incorporate self-care into my social life.

"Next generation drinking is going out and having a good time and taking a break without any negative side effects from drinking drinks that aren’t good for you. And it really doesn’t have to be alcohol or no alcohol at all. It can be alcoholic drinks that are enhanced with benefits or non-alcoholic drinks, but it puts some purpose and intention behind it. Maybe you have a glass of wine and then you have a glass of Rock Grace."

Q. I know the infusion process for the crystals is proprietary, but can you talk a little about the benefits of the crystal ingredients, which crystals you use and why?

"The main benefits we see from using the crystals in the process of making Rock Grace is that they inspire and amplify positive thinking. Recently, Western medicine has recognized that the emotions and the mind play a huge part of human beings to heal. We firmly believe that crystal energy helps you find your true power and potential within and crystals are effective tools, like exercise and meditation, to promote well-being. 

"It is imperative to assure that the crystals are high quality, natural and pure, to capture the correct patterns and energy. Our experience has confirmed that in addition to the crystal being high quality and in the best possible condition, the designer's intentions affect the subtle energy of the crystals and have direct impact on the effectiveness of the crystal elixir. We have had the privilege to use high-quality crystals mined from family owned sustainable mines in the Pacific Northwest such as Pyrite, Serpentine and Vancouver Phantom Quartz, which are known for some amazing characteristics and the combination is quite beautiful and powerful.

"Pyrite promotes confidence, luck, abundance, productivity and creativity. Serpentine helps with healing and attracts wealth and love and Vancouver Phantom Quartz promotes cellular regeneration, dispels feelings of isolation and relieves stress."

Q. Can you speak to the inclusion of adaptogens? For example, what are they exactly and which superherbs you use to create the product?

"We love adaptogens and they have a lot in common with crystals so we had to pair the two. Adaptogens are safe, plant-based superherbs that reduce the body’s response to stress and overall health by normalizing the body and regulating hormones. Simply put, they are plants that are able to help balance, restore and protect the body, specifically promoting overall cell and adrenal health. 

"Adaptogens support your adrenal glands which produce hormones that help the body control blood sugar, burn protein and fat, react to stressors like a major illness or injury, and regulate blood pressure. Adaptogens act in the same fashion as crystals do, healing misalignment and bringing unstable energy back to a healthy and balanced state. We came up with a very effective combination of ethically sourced adaptogens for Rock Grace that compliment each other, provide an extensive list of benefits, and are tested for premium quality."

Q. How does working as a family inform/enhance the business? 

"It helps to keep the perspective of what is important and keeps you true to the product and the mission. It also requires a lot of honesty, communication, strategy and strength in culture in a healthy work environment, which are all very beneficial to the overall business and mission."

Q. Anything else? 

"It’s magical when you can do what you love and have the support of those you love. You end up having a lot of energy to give back and the system really works."

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I need this in my life! Thank you for shining a light on Rock Grace, Belinda Lichty Clarke . I seriously can't wait to try it!
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