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Connecting With Kids in a Disconnected World With Trevor Romain by Renee

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Connecting With Kids in a Disconnected World With Trevor Romain

With our world being so connected, it certainly is challenging to be "connected" – especially with children. Trevor Romain is an award-winning author, illustrator, motivational speaker and co-founder of theTrevor Romain Company. For more than 30 years, Trevor has traveled to schools, hospitals, summer camps and military bases throughout the world, delivering stand-up comedy with inspirational self-help messages to hundreds of thousands of school-age children. Trevor shared resources to help you best communicate and connect with kids.

Q: Can you please tell us more about what the Trevor Romain Company offers?

  • The Trevor Romain Company creates materials to help parents, teachers, counselors, social workers, caregivers, guardians and other adults to help kids through what they face on a daily basis.
  • Comical Sense uses humor, storytelling and real-life scenarios to help kids in situations they, or their friends, may face while growing up. From effective tips, tricks and tools, kids can ask for support and manage what they’re experiencing.
  • The Anchored4Life Club is a peer-to-peer transition and resiliency program. The club provides opportunities for peers to enhance social skills, learn leadership skills, build character, improve self-esteem and integrate into their community.
  • The Comfort Crew supports military kids and their families around the world to address the negative effects from multiple deployments, injury, moving and loss by delivering programs with tools that nurture resiliency.

Q: In your popular animated series, "The Trevor Romain Show" on PBS, you tackle serious subjects for kids to understand, which ones are the most talked about?

Bullying is the most talked about video because bullying is so universal and almost every kid I know has either been bullied, been a bystander or bullied kids themselves.

Another most talked about episode is called, “What Do You Do When Someone Dies?” The episode helps with some difficulties kids face after the death of a loved one, in a warm and comforting way while answers questions about it that adults find difficult to address.

Another popular episode is called "Cliques, Phonies and other Baloney." Kids love this episode because we use a lot of humor and music to help kids realize the importance of being themselves because everyone else is taken.

Kids also like the “Facing Fear Without Freaking Out” episode because it really helps people understand where fear comes from and how to manage it without freaking out.

Q: What are four great ways to connect with kids?

Q: Even though you’re not a father yourself, you’ve talked to over a million kids around the world. What are some of your biggest takeaways?

I have learned that every child, regardless of background or culture has a label on their head that says, “I am special.” Each and every child in this world deserves to be heard, helped and cherished.

Q: Your artwork on is beautiful. How and why did you become an illustrator?

I became an illustrator because I struggled with ADD and dyslexia. As a kid, I figured out that visual learning was the only way I was going to get through school. I drew pictures and used visuals to help me remember information. Drawing has always been a form of relaxation and meditation for me. It relaxes me and has become part of my daily routine. So, in essence, I became an illustrator to help me relax and manage stress.

One of the main reasons I became an illustrator was because my art teacher in 10th grade told me I wasn’t talented enough to take art as an elective at high school and I wanted to prove him wrong! Another reason I became an illustrator is because my late father was an illustrator, and a great guy, and I wanted to be just like him.

Q: Back-to-school time will be here sooner than we know it. What advice can you share with the 30Seconds tribe to apply during the rest of summer break?

My first piece of advice is through a three-pronged approach:

  1. Read to keep the brain stimulated and the imagination fired up.
  2. Write in a journal daily, even just a few words, to keep up writing fitness and to express your feelings.
  3. Have fun, away from electronic devices, for as much as possible – responsibly.

Q: You’re a sought-after speaker, go-to illustrator, you spread awareness of your non-profit The Comfort New and more. What’s the legacy you want to be known for?

I would like to be known as an empathetic person who worked tirelessly to help any and all children be happier, healthier, resilient and more confident. I would like to be known as a person who used my creative talents to help kids, specially kids in trauma, and made a difference in their lives. I would like to be known as a person who overcame the barriers of dyslexia and ADD to become a best-selling author with a million books in print in 22 languages.I would like to be known as an ordinary guy who, after years and years, figured out how to empower kids to advocate for themselves, AND, advocate their peers.

Q: Are there any new projects you are working on?

  • I am working on two exciting new podcasts one for kids called Comical Sense for Kids and the other called Connecting With Kids for adults. Subscribe here to be one of the first to listen.
  • I will be continuing our World Tour of the Planet school assembly series for kids and Connecting With Kids’ speaker series for adults. Here’s my speaking reel.
  • I have a weekly newsletter called “Notes from the Trevorhood” with updates from Comical Sense, Anchored4Life, The Comfort Crew, speaking tour, podcasts, products and more.
  • Plus! Just for the 30Seconds tribe, you can receive 30% off my Connecting With Kids book using the special promo code 30SEC!

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