Social Media: Habits Are Hard to Break (Especially When You Repeat Them) by Jessica Lawrence

4 years ago

Social Media: Habits Are Hard to Break (Especially When You Repeat Them)

Previously, I've discussed my love/hate relationship with social media. I am forever saying, "Quit this!" And yet I'm still on it. It's like a bad habit I need to quit!

Let's say you follow someone on social media, and you really know better than to look at their page. Yet, the draw is there. You want to look, to stay involved with their life, to see what's going on. But when you do look, it's like a punch in the stomach, or the stabbing pain in your heart that you can't seem to shake. Whether it's a picture, a quote, a lyric to a song – it can be anything that sets you off.

It's so easy to hit "unfollow" or simply unfriend them. But you keep them there, on the list of friends or in your followers. Why? What good is it doing you? What are you honestly getting out of this online search if you don't see them or speak to them in real life?

Sometimes clicking on one button could make the change you need for a clean break, especially when it comes to your mental health.

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Elisa Schmitz
You summed up our love/hate relationship with social media so well, Jessica Lawrence . Right there with you!

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