International Drop a Rock Day 2019: Help Spread the Message to Be & Live in Harmony! by Renee

International Drop a Rock Day 2019: Help Spread the Message to Be & Live in Harmony!

The fourth annual International Drop a Rock Day is almost here! This worldwide event was originally created by Word Rocks Project to bring people all around the globe together. On July 3, 2019, people from all over the world, many of whom belong to rock painting groups, will paint and hide rocks for others to find. 

What’s special about the rocks hidden on International Drop a Rock Day is that they all have the same message. The theme this year is “Harmony.” Harmony is the ability to be in peace with others.

The purpose of painting and hiding a “Harmony” rock is to remind others that we can work together to create a better future. By sharing a simple message – harmony – you have the opportunity to be a positive influence in someone’s life. 

Finding a painted rock by chance might just be the reminder that lifts the finder’s spirits and increases their joy. A simple act of kindness can make a powerful impact, so please join me on July 3 and make a difference!

Happy rock painting, hiding and possibly finding!

Photos: Kristen Corson and Anne Khufuss

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Donna John
I am definitely painting "Harmony" rocks with my grandson. Will post the pics here when we do. If anyone else paints a rock, please post the pictures below! What a great event. Thanks for sharing, Renee Herren !
How awesome! 🙌
Elisa Schmitz
I just love this, Renee Herren . So beautiful and inspiring! What a fun activity to do with your family.
Michael Kennedy
Didn't know there was actually a day for this. Now marking the calendar for 2020!
Good idea I think, you are really inspiring, thanks!
we like your custom printing rocks. Rocks like canvas, awesome!

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