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#30Seconds In-Depth: Mastery of Motherhood With Clinical Psychologist & Mom Dr. Christina Hibbert by Renee

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#30Seconds In-Depth: Mastery of Motherhood With Clinical Psychologist & Mom Dr. Christina Hibbert

As moms, we often minimize ourselves and all that we do for others. It is time for a MOMovement where we reclaim our worth and move toward reaching our full potential! We were thrilled to welcome 30Seconds contributor, Dr. Christina Hibbert, as our chat guest! Dr. Christi is a clinical psychologist specializing in maternal mental health, grief/loss, parenting, self-esteem/self-worth and personal growth. Dr. Christi is also a bestselling author, blogger, speaker and married mom of six!

Q: It’s Mother’s Day and you’ve been working on a MOM Movement! Tell us what “Mastery of Motherhood” is all about!

Mastery Of Motherhood (MOM) began as my fourth book, but evolved into a two-day event, online courses, MOM community and even certification programs! The idea of self-mastery is one we all need as moms, especially because we are the examples for our kids. We need to lead the way and show them how!

The old model of the good enough mom is no longer good enough. It’s a great starting place, but what about being good? Great? A master mother? Mastery is not about perfection. It’s not about how your kids turn out. It’s not about being better than anyone else. It’s about being the BEST of YOU.

Mastery Of Motherhood (MOM) is the movement to show moms our full potential and teach the skills of self-mastery we need to reach it. MOM started as a book, and has become an online course, a two-day LIVE event, an online community, coaching program, mental health certification and MOVEMENT!

Q: Incredible! I love that your mission is to show moms their true potential. How does Mastery Of Motherhood work?

I’ve compiled all the research, clinical practice and experiences I’ve had these past 20 years to create the Mastery Of Motherhood (MOM) framework. At the core of this Mastery Of Motherhood framework is what I call the “10 ZONES of M.O.M. These are 10 areas of self-mastery we need to learn. 

What if you could master your self-worth, spirit, body, psyche, mindset? What if you could master your energy, emotions, experiences, time and relationships? The amazing news is YOU CAN! You can learn these skills of mastery in each of these 10 “zones,” and then use them to create the plan that’s right for YOU! Whether you’re overcoming, becoming or flourishing as a mom, there’s always a next level for you and your family. That’s what the 10 Zones of M.O.M. can do – take you as you are and show you what’s possible for your next level of motherhood, career, life!

Q: Wow! That’s so true! There’s always a next level, no matter where you are starting out. Can you share some of these skills in some of these “zones of MOM?”

Absolutely! Let’s start with the biggie: self-worth and identity. We moms can so easily lose who we are in motherhood, and this can lead to self-doubt, mom guilt and more. What if we moms could not only comprehend, but FEEL and ACT from a place of true identity and self-worth – knowing who we TRULY are, deep inside and not worrying about all the outside stuff and comparison?

Mastery Of Motherhood (MOM) teaches the truth of self-worth (vs. the lie of self-esteem) and shows us we don’t have to step out of motherhood to be our best selves!It’s not about what others think of us, or how we “seem” on social media. It’s about who we TRULY are, showing up, and letting our light shine! We mustn’t dim just so others can shine more brightly! This is the power of Mastery of Motherhood! It’s saying, “I’m a mom, AND I’m a woman with a career, purpose and much to offer. I can achieve this potential AND still be an incredible mother. I can be a “master” mother!”

Q: I love how you start with that core of self-worth and how we need to know who we truly are FIRST, and then we can show up more brightly. What’s another “zone of M.O.M.?”

The next three zones fan out from the core of self-worth, kind of like a flower. They are spirit, body and psyche. We need all three to be strong if we’re going to reach any “next level!”

  • Spirit: How do you seek and obtain spiritual connection each day? Is there something you could do just 5 percent better with this? When we slow down and get still, we can tune in. We so often tune OUT, but are we tuning IN? In to ourselves, our Higher Power, our true identity and purpose? This is essential for personal growth and self-mastery!
  • Body: It’s one thing to have a “healthy” body. That’s a great starting place. But what about physical wellness? What about vibrant health? As we practice habits like good sleep, nutrition, exercise and as we learn about our female hormones and brain, we can optimize our body for “mastery!” (And show our kids to do the same!)
  • Psyche: Once we have a solid foundation of self-worth, spirit, body and psyche, then what? If self-worth is the center of the flower and spirit, body and psyche fan out from there, then we are ready for the other zones of mind set, energy, emotions and experiences. We can CREATE the thoughts, beliefs, feelings and experiences we desire. We don’t have to just wait and hope they show up! When we do this, we teach our kids to do the same.

Learning these skills of self-mastery (and Mastery Of Motherhood has over 100!) allows us to combine them for our unique needs into a plan of action that works for YOU. It’s all about the individual, and I love that!

And finally, surrounding all these zones of M.O.M.? Imagine a circle surrounding the flower of these nine zones. That circle is our relationships, because relationships color everything for we moms.

Q: Beautiful! It all comes back to family and relationships, doesn’t it? Anything else you’d like to add about Mastery Of Motherhood?

It is ALL about relationships. Mastery Of Motherhood is not only next level motherhood; it’s next level kids and family, next level career and mission – it’s next level YOU. That’s the greatest gift of choosing to seek mastery in motherhood: Not only will you benefit beyond belief; your kids and family will benefit, too. As you show up more fully, as a mom and in relationships and in your life, your kids will do the same. YOU are the role model! Mastery Of Motherhood will make you a better mother. It will make you a better YOU.

I hope some of you can join us for Mastery Of Motherhood LIVE next week in Scottsdale, Arizona! And if you can’t, join the online courses, programs, be part of this MOMovement!  

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Meredith Schneider
So excited to hear what Dr. Christina Hibbert has to share with all of us!
Dr. Christina Hibbert
I can't WAIT for this chat, you guys. Just in time for Mother's Day, we're talking about how YOU can feel like a "master mom" too! :)
Dr. Christina Hibbert
me too! I love chatting with you and the entire tribe!!
Cheryl Hoogewind
I like the concept of the 10 zones. Would like to hear more about that.

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