Yes Energy Vs. No Energy: The Power of One Word Could Help You Land Your Dream Job by Amy-Noelle Shih

3 years ago

Yes Energy Vs. No Energy: The Power of One Word Could Help You Land Your Dream Job

When clients tell me that they hate their jobs and wish that they were doing something else, I help them up-level to a rockstar mindset. Whether your goal is to change your situation or your job, you first will need to accept where you are – while discerning if it’s where you wish to stay.

One of the most powerful things that you can do when you feel trapped in a soul-less work environment or you feel creatively depleted in the workplace is to shift into “yes energy.” Yes, I will show up fully. Yes, I will bring all of me to every task that I am given. This is so important because yes energy is open, inviting, supportive and friendly. When you are in yes energy, it feels like you are honoring the Self. You are saying yes to learning, yes to growing, yes to expanding and yes to readying yourself for something different, if what you are doing does not excite you.

Yes energy is powerful because when you stay open, you can see more clearly and make decisions from an aligned place. This is how you will create new opportunity, and, if necessary, leave your current job. Yes energy has your back.

No energy, on the other hand, is not interested in seeing things differently. It’s more interested in complaining, finding fault in others and constantly feeling frustrated, which can often lead to feelings of powerlessness. So, although you may desire something different, if you are in a negative “pull-down mindset,” you are not speaking the language of your deep wishes. There is a mismatch between your desired outcome and the vibration you put out. 

When you are trapped in a cycle of negative thinking, you aren’t fully in the present moment. If you aren’t present for your life, you will likely miss opportunities. Maybe it’s a sign hanging on a wall advertising a class on the very subject you have been wanting to know more about, or a book about the thing you feel called to do that’s been sitting on a table you keep walking by without paying any attention to the potentially life-changing wisdom that just might be right in front of your nose. 

If you want to make a big life change or a career change, you’ve got to have an intimate relationship – a yes relationship – with right here.

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Elisa Schmitz
This is awesome! I love the idea of being filled with yes energy. Thank you for this inspiring post, Amy-Noelle Shih !
Amy-Noelle Shih
Thank you! My pleasure!
Sheri B Doyle
I love the focus on Yes energy!! I am going to have Yes energy regarding everything. Amy-Noelle Shih
Amy-Noelle Shih
I’ll join you, Sheri!
Egan Patricia
Yes. I needed this.
Amy-Noelle Shih
Egan, I’m right there with you—a daily practice. Let me know how it feels..
As for me, words are a very important aspect of something.
Our brain is programmed with words
Our brain already has sustained reactions to certain words. This can be checked right now. Slow down, feel what emotions the word "good" causes you.
And "delicious"?
Words have a tonality. In fact, the word “good” is rather faceless and hackneyed, it does not bear bright associations, unlike many of its synonyms. On the contrary, sometimes “good” is used to not offend a person when, for example, he did something not very good, but for some reason, he cannot be told directly about it. Since childhood, we were told “good” to frankly bad. So this word does not carry even a pronounced positive charge.
You have never seen a man, but you have been told that he is great. Your associative row has already blinded the picture. So?
Or they told you that he is good. There is a difference?
Why am I doing all this? Using the words of bright tonality to describe yourself and your state, you give a signal to the subconscious level that this is the way it is. When you start to answer the question about the case in superlatives, you begin to feel this way after a while. It is a process of creation at the level of words.
This is a great concept for life as a whole. 🙏🏼

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