How to Be a Great Leader: The Secret to Creating Successful Teams & Partnerships by Jennifer Coken

How to Be a Great Leader: The Secret to Creating Successful Teams & Partnerships

To be a great leader, you must focus on empowering those around you. Only when you let go of your stories and say everything that matters will you authentically be able to empower those around you. Empowerment will come easy when you dare to say the hard stuff, because you are opening lines of communication.

There many critical factors that go into empowering others. Google did a research project that dug into five decades of research and surveyed their 51,000 employees. There No. 1 factor for successful teams is what is known as psychological safety, a “shared belief held by members of a team that the team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking.”

Thus, it is imperative to break down the imaginary walls you’ve built between you and the people who are looking for you to lead. The people you lead can be at work, but it also can be your family, your group of friends or your spiritual community.

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Elisa Schmitz
Yes to empowering your team members! Key to effective team building, Jennifer Coken !
Jennifer Coken
And the great part is, we have teams all around us! Our girlfriends, our family, our work relationships - we can empower everyone!
Joe Campbell
Psychological safety is such a great concept. With this people can be free to make mistakes and will be more willing to take risks in order to succeed.
Jennifer Coken
And I hope feel more open to giving and receiving feedback!
Donna John
Yes! Great tip, Jennifer Coken ! Empowering your team members is a must.
Jennifer Coken
Thank you Donna. Sometimes in the heat of "getting things done" we can forget!

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